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As we continue the housekeeping, other stuff pops up, the latest being that other folks are STILL claiming the ‘Gun Rights Cake’ analogy.

Sigh. And I really wish that whichever numpty decided to add “… the Dick act of 1902” to my analogy had kept his crumb-snatchers to himself. For some reason that — unauthorised — addition irritates me to no end. The original is fine, quit dinking around with it.

I’ve started leaving the comment: “I’m glad you thought so highly of my work, if you’d like a hard copy you can buy one here:

Oddly enough, I seem to get blocked a lot after I leave that.


Anyhoo, Jack and I are working on the ‘Best of The LawDog Files’ tab up at the right, and I’m here to tell you: that’s a trip down Memory Lane. Good Lord, I was prolific.

If y’all have preferences for things to go on that tab, let me know,

Jack and the rest of the instigators are making noises about swag, and when they let me know what I’m going to be offering, I’ll let y’all know.

“Knights of Malta” is being collated, and we’ll launch it September 9-ish.

We’re still taking submissions for “Saints of Malta”, with a launch date 1st quarter of 2023.

Back to Memory Lane.


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2 thoughts on “Work, work, work”

  1. I would never claim the “Gun Rights Cake” analogy.

    My original analogy (from at least 30 years ago), is the “Mugger” analogy: compromising on gun rights is like compromising with the mugger by begging him to let you keep a quarter to call for a ride.

    (Yes, I know… a quarter to call for a ride dates me to geezerhood.)

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