Seen in comments:
“Are there going to be links to the North Texas Irregulars or OldNFO’s YubTub channels?”

Ok, “YubTub” flat kicks over my giggle box.

I’m … not sure. There will definitely be links to the North Texas Troublemakers … oh, what the hell. Sure, why not.

Warning, though: When I’m not on here, I swear like a Newhaven fishwife. From day one I’ve tried to keep this blog at an American ‘G’ rating (In formerly Great Britain it’s a solid ‘PG-13’), and the Livestream is fairly ‘R’ rated.

There seem to be games around ‘How Soon Before LawDog Starts Dropping F-Bombs’, and the ‘Let’s Break LawDog Competition’ usually starts at NC-17.

The Livestreams are Tuesdays at noon, Central Time; and Thursdays at 3 Central Time.

We’re generally here:

Be sure to click ‘Like’ and ‘Subscribe’.

If we’re not on that YubTub channel, we’ll be here:

Please keep an eye on the North Texas Troublemakers channel — we’re going to be adding content about how to indie publish, tips on covers, Author 101, and silly little videos. Oh, and you might click ‘Like’ and ‘Subscribe’ on the NTTM channel, too.

Be sure to wave at Frank* when you click on the channels, though.


*Frank is our assigned Fed.gov monitor. He frequently winds up crying in the shower after one of our streams, and we’re pretty sure he’s on his 3rd liver transplant. Poor Frank.

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3 thoughts on “YubTub!!”

  1. Now that you’re on YouTube, we’re going to need a recreation of the pink gorilla karaoke performance.

  2. Yay! (insert squirrel-inspired moshing here)

    Considering the last few productions have started out with or had early appearances of candy products, that’s kind of a warning that you have not wandered into Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

    Not that it’s a *bad* thing.

    Just wish my work schedule allowed me to watch live/join the chat. (Something about “we’re paying you to work, not faff about on the internet”. 🙁 Damn dirty no-fun-havers… )

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