Herself penned a charming little short story regarding a cat on a spaceship, and when I told folks about it, the inevitable teasing about “Anthology #214” started.

Well, she blinked those big blue eyes, started pondering, and I am pleased as punch to announce that she will be chairing an anthology about cats in space (which I teasingly refer to as “Moggies! In! SPAAACE!!”)

If you’re interested, and have a 5k to 8k short story involving 1) Cats; and 2) Space you might hit her or Kortnee Bryant up.

I think she’ll be making the formal announcement at FenCon, but it can’t hurt to give folks a little extra writing time.



13 thoughts on “MOGGIES! IN! SPAAACE!!”

  1. Well, I guess it beats having an “offog” (see if you can pin the story). Gotta have local gravity generators or continuous boost or it just won’t work (and not just for the issue of pee and poo). I mean, how does the Moggie chase a rat with zero G? I am sure someone will come up with the mechanical solution. remember, spacecraft will be aluminum or composites so no little magnetic booties for vermin or Mogs. 😉

    1. That was a short story I read as a child in another anthology….Good Boy Peaslake! (sp)

    2. Terrapod: No idea what a Moggie is but, “offog” has a special place in my memory for some reason; I did 8 years in the US Navy, maybe that is related.

      WebMaster: Is there a “notify me” button?

      1. Just add some pencil-whipped inventory reports for a snap inspection… Ah yes, memories of the military.

      2. It’s been a long, long time since I read this story, and I have no idea what the author or title was. A short summary:

        After a long and eventful cruise around the galaxy, a navy ship received orders to come into base for an overdue overhaul. Good news: Months of shore leave coming up. Bad news: they have to send in a complete updated ship’s inventory before arrival, and can count on the naval yard checking it 100%. So they’re all scrambling around, trying to match everything on the ship to a line in the inventory, and account for all the stuff that was expended, broken, or blasted into space. The ship’s dog is wondering why everyone is rushing around and forgetting to scratch his ears. Finally, all is accounted for except “Offog qty 1”. Nobody even remembers what an Offog might be. In the end, they make up a story of how it got blasted into space.

        Then the high command orders all ships grounded while they investigate how the ship’s “Official Dog” got blown away and make sure it won’t happen to a crewman.

        A typo occurred in copying the inventory multiple times:

        Official Dog –> Off. Dog –> Offog

  2. Just take my money already.

    There will be autographed copies I expect.

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