Raconteur Press — New anthologies

I have mentioned this earlier, but here’s the Official Announcement:

Raconteur Press will be releasing two anthologies based around stories of space marines.

Author MCA Hogarth has graciously agreed to submit a story for each volume.


Both will be released the last half of 2023 — the first half of the year is kind of full-up right now, truth be told — and we will open the call for submissions probably 2nd Quarter of 2023. We’ll update the fine print as things move along, but 5k-8k words, entertaining, and involve marines in space — or somesuch. Entertaining!

Yes, you may begin teasing me unmercifully on Tuesday’s livestream.

Busy, busy, busy.


This part still thrills me

5 thoughts on “Raconteur Press — New anthologies”

    1. Agree. I may have to draft my personal Marine for some brainstorming…….

      Dusts off the writing synapses………

  1. Can anyone submit for a possible spot? Even if they are from that part of North Texas that congress said wasn’t Texas?

    1. Yup. If the story is entertaining all else is negotiable.

      I’ll make the announcement opening submissions probably at Libertycon — but if you start writing now, when I announce you can just hit the ‘Send’ button. 😀

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