Got up way too early this morning, staggered into the kitchen and flipped the switch on the electric kettle.

A fan of the livestream sent us some coffee, and two tablespoons of Outpost Coffee Company‘s LawMan blend went into the Melitta pour-over.

One packet of Splenda Monkfruit, and another of Splenda Truvia into my favourite mug, and I poured water over the grounds while the dogs ate their brekkie; added a dollop of evaporated milk, and sat on the back steps, sipping coffee and watching the sun rise while the dogs did their business.

It’s been a rough two years — and will continue to be so for a little while longer — but, you know what?

It’s going to be okay.

Y’all have a good weekend, spend time with loved ones, watch the sun rise (or set), smell the flowers, drink something that tastes good, read something that you enjoy, pull out a hobby that you haven’t done for a while, and just recharge your soul.

It’s going to be okay.


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