London Bridge is down

Farewell, Elizabeth Alexandra.

You didn’t want to be Queen, but when it got dumped into your lap you did your best. You did your duty, and you held to your honour — and that’s all that anyone could ask.

In a time when politicians change faster than diapers — and usually for the same reason — you were a 70-year stabilizing influence on the United Kingdom, and on the West. Indeed, for the majority of the world you have been The Queen for the span of their lives.

I hope that Phillip grins at you when you walk in, and you get to be that housewife on a little island again.

Requiescat in pace, Elizabeth Regina. Walk in beauty.


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9 thoughts on “London Bridge is down”

  1. Amén
    I wonder if her son will chose to be called King Charles III, Philip, Arthur II, or George VII?

    Ulises from the People’s Republik of Kalipornia

  2. I swore to serve my Queen and Country. I served Elisabeth. I will serve her Son. The center of Honour and Courage and Decency in my world.
    Cuidich ‘n Righ.

  3. Elizabeth ll was a class act, no question. Her passing signals the end of an era, the Crown thrust upon her by her Dad’s untimely death, but she kept Faith with her promise made at 21, while in S. Africa for over 70 years. (as Peter Grant posted) She was a stableising force as the Empire shrank back into the willing Commonwealth, and did her Duty. No one can ask more. As an American, with no real Royal facination, I’ll say she earned the respect she was due…. and so,
    “The Queen is dead. Long Live The Queen!”
    And hope Charles doesn’t make a hash of it….

  4. Perhaps if there is one thing that Elisabeth2R demonstrated, it is that having the right people matters more than having the “right” system.

    I seem to recall that one of America’s founders wrote that no system or constitution could produce good government if the people themselves were not educated and moral.
    If we are not ourselves “good”, we will neither expect goodness of those in authority, nor eject them when they fail to show it.

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