She got a hate review!

Rita has her first two-star hate review!

“This is an adequate story about an English familiar traveling to meet a new master in Texas. Then commences a story of small town life, with its joys, sorrows, and troubles. Unfortunately, the author hamfistedly shoves Leftist dogma into the story throughout. This was written not to tell a story, although it does do that. This was written to push an agenda.”

Oh, wow. Snerk.


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21 thoughts on “She got a hate review!”

  1. Wait…they think it’s stuffed it with leftist dogma?

    Oh, that’s hilarious.

  2. My jaw is dropped. Seriously, whut? Must finish my read so I can give a glowing review as it deserves.

  3. I will shake my head for my one-star review on my first book because it “wasn’t about a talking dog”.

  4. I expected hurt feelings, but instead I laughed my head off. I wish I knew them so I could thank them for the stress relief! πŸ˜›

    Also: am enjoying feelings of adequacy now. πŸ˜‰

  5. Some people didn’t want Ron Paul because he wanted to abolish a huge chunk of government.

    Some people wanted Ron Paul because he wanted to abolish a huge chunk of the government.

    I didn’t want Ron Paul because he didn’t want to abolish a huge chunk of government by burning government officials at the stake, burying their ashes in unconsecrated ground and then pissing on the ashes. He wasn’t libertarian enough.

    1. As amusing as that might be, it isn’t how change happens unless the change is catastrophic and shortly morphs into a dictatorship (the rise of Napoleon is the classic example).

  6. WOW D. But you forgot to salt the earth and poison the wells.

    Also blew coffee out my nose at leftist dogma comment ( that stung ) Either the commentator is totally ignorant or is so far to the right they can see their left side

  7. ‘course it’s left wing, it’s a raven, innit?

    Got a right wing as well, I should think.

  8. I’ll have to bump her book to next in the queue.

    I must admit that I question whether many of the Amazon reviewers read the same book I did. I especially like the ones that are a one or two star, with the the written comment “Fantastic, great read.” I assume they can’t count to five.

    1. That’s what happens when you apply a “two thumbs up” review to a “five star” ratings system.

      Then again, there seems to be plenty of people leaving reviews on Amazon who can’t count past their two thumbs, so….

  9. That Rita! She’s SUCH a commie.
    Seriously, why would someone post a public review that simply and unquestionably displays their own staggering ignorance?
    I’ll never understand the Interwebz…..

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