What to expect

Okay, you have submitted a story to Raconteur Press. What should you expect?

Well, first off — a contract. For general anthologies we will have sole right to your story for a year from date of publication. After a year, rights will revert to you. Royalties will be paid as long as the book makes enough money to make payments worth it, so while your rights will come back after a year, you will receive payments for longer than that.

For anthologies in the Fuzzy Yeet Cow Universe, that world is mine, so I’ll be hanging onto the rights for any stories we publish in that universe. Payments will be the same as above, though.

You will need an account with PubShare— the free one will do fine, you don’t need the professional version. PubShare is how you will you will be getting paid, and — this is very important to me — will handle your tax documents. Yes, welcome to authorhood, the IRS is at the head of the line with their hands out.

When you create your account, they will ask how you want to get paid — this is important. There are two different ways to get paid. One is via PayPal, and is disbursed on the first business day of the month on Amazon’s payment schedule. The second is a paper cheque mailed to you each quarter. If you don’t specifically activate a payment method, PubShare will hang onto your payments until you do go in and specify. If you forget for three months, that’s nice chunk of change, but I sure could have used it earlier.

Once you have your contract, and you have a PubShare account, log into your PubShare dashboard, click on Bookshelf, and look for the book you have a contract for. On that book, to the right under ‘Actions’ you will see ‘Participants’. click on ‘Participants’, look for your name/pseudonym, and approve your story.

Until everyone approves their submissions to the book, we’re stalled, so this is a fairly important step.

Once that’s done you can follow the progress of publishing, see book reports, sales reports, and royalty reports; and order author copies — all from Pubshare.

After the book goes live, remember to claim the book on your Amazon Author Account — yes, you can claim an anthology, too.


Submission Guidelines