Told you so

I hate to say this, but they were warned.

The family of a victim of the Aurora shooting has their knickers all up in a knot after finding out that gun control folks left them twisting in the breeze after losing their meretricious case against the gun industry.

Apparently the Brady Center To Prevent Gun Violence talked Lonnie and Sandy Phillips into suing online ammo retailers where the murderer bought his ammunition, in a State where the loser pays attorney fees.

Since we don’t sue Budweiser when  drunk driver kills an innocent; we don’t sue the drug company when a nurse uses their medicine to murder a patient; and we don’t sue Ford when a murderer runs down an pedestrian, they lost the case — surprising absolutely nobody.

Also surprising absolutely nobody on this side of the fence, as soon as they lost the case, the Brady Center noped out, leaving the Phillipses holding the bag for the ammo companies attorney fees. Hello, bankruptcy!

I find myself with very little sympathy for the Phillipses. They sued, knowing their case was malicious, meritless, and meretricious. They were told by multiple people that they didn’t stand a chance, but dived on in anyway.

However, I find it vastly amusing that the Brady Center is crawfishing, claiming: “Nonprofits like Brady do not have the financial funds to pay for unsuccessful suits that clients decide to bring …”

Brady does realize that, since they are a non-profit, their tax returns are publicly available, right?

Apparently not. Oh, well.

The Phillipses apparently have learned nothing from this, and are trying to figure out — even though this got them bankrupted once already — how they can continue their lawsuits.

Sigh. Some people’s kids.


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10 thoughts on “Told you so”

  1. This happened years ago. The Phillips family is only talking about this now because they’re trying to get a law passed in Colorado to let people sue gun companies without having to pay legal fees.

    There is very strong evidence that the Phillips family hid and distributed their assets prior to the suit in order to make themselves judgement proof when they lost. They not only knew it would happen but they took affirmative steps to hide their worth from the Court in order to avoid paying the judgement against them.

    We both know what would happen if a conservative sued a liberal org and was required to pay. They’d never get a moment’s peace again. They’d be harassed from one end of the country to the other until they paid or were destitute. Instead, the Phillips family travels about speaking at events about the death of their daughter. I believe that they moved into and RV and use that to travel to anti-gun events. By having no fixed place of abode LuckyGunner can’t file with their local sheriff to seize any assets they happen to have.

    I believe that Weer’d has some more information on them.

    1. It might help if LuckyGunner got a list of these anti-freedom speaking events and proactively contacted the local sheriffs. They might get lucky if a deputy caught them by their license plates.
      Ulises from the People’s Republik of Kalipornia.

  2. I’m afraid that I’m rather unsympathetic to the sociopathic Socialist attempt at Lawsuit Lotto, as well. Since you bring it up, I frequently muse that for certain sociopathic Socialists, it seems unfortunate that code duello and trial by combat have fallen into disuse…

  3. In the US, all non-profits’ tax returns can be viewed on

  4. Let’s turn this around. Could the victims of shootings pursue Big Gun Control and their bespoke media for educating & encouraging aspiring mass murderers to use AR-15s and now 9mm rifles? Big Gun Control is selling the use of AR-15s to kill people like it is so much toilet paper; extolling the light weight, magazine capacity and lethality in daily screeds against the eeeevvviiilll guns.

    “Are you planning to murder a whole bunch of people? Killing a dozen people will make you FAMOUS! You neeeed the latest AR-15 Blast-O-Matic! A single magazine has enough ammunition to kill THOUSANDS of people! Even near misses can kill! It’s loud! It’s proud! Go to it killer!”

  5. Being forced to live in an RV without a home base for the rest of one’s life sounds like punishment. Besides, reclaiming “distributed assets” could get touchy.

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