The re-issue of my first book is finally live.

As you can see, there’s a whole new cover, I’ve re-edited the inside, and we took out the shift reports and replaced them with some of my more philosophical work.

The old yellow covered version is currently being published on Amazon by pirates, so please only buy the Raconteur Press version with the dark-brown cover.

The second book will be re-issued in the coming months, and we’re planning a third book that will have  the shift reports, recipes, and the Meditations series of posts.



"The Broken Healthcare System"
Ok, folks

13 thoughts on “Finally!”

  1. my computer doesn’t show the cover, but having howled my way through the original I will buy the revised version just to see whats new!

  2. Bought it today, and will pick up the dead tree version in a couple of weeks.

  3. Amusing moment… Had to switch the Kindle-for-PC program to “Sepia” mode, because reading these stories on anything but a tan background just didn’t feel right.

  4. Got it to go with my copy of the original version. Also recommended it to my niece who wants to be a cop (and eventually a Game Warden).

  5. Purchased to go with copies of the original version. The author picture shown is quite nice; had no idea you have such a distinctive set of sunglasses.

  6. Hi Dog,
    Your story about your first job in law enforcement closely parallels mine. My City Marshall must have a had a bit better budget. I was issued a box of Super Vel .45 ACP monthly. I’ll have to tell you the story of how I ended up in law enforcement sometime.

  7. At the far end of the roads, where ice falls from the sky and not the freezer, there is a moderate city called Bangor, set in quite wild woods, with a river that flows year-round into tidal falls. Due to the aquatic nature, the PD has instead … “The Duck of Justice”.

    Their Duck of Justice stories, and the police blotter columns in local papers, are almost as much fun as LawDog Files. Substituting Elmer and Jack for character names, and I’m reading “Fooblic Intoximidation” tales. You get a deeper appreciation for small community life from all such tales.

  8. A detail in a high fantasy ‘verse I’ve been developing (magitech, with the words “magic” and “sorcery” being used to translate very different concepts*) is that a copy of the original version was one of the books in the backpack of someone who disappeared through a one-way gateway to this other world back at the end of 2018. Picture a centaur perusing a heavily annotated translation and you have the idea.

    * “Magic” (translating the Šoiþižir word “rēwajur”) refers to a natural ability that for some reason does not work in this solar system but can operate fully in the other; while “sorcery” (“upratotir” in Šoiþižir) refers to dark, satanic stuff.

  9. I thought I was the only acolyte of the Church of One Weapon.
    Nice to know I’m not alone.

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