Ok, folks

One of the big things about Raconteur Press is that we want our authors to get paid.

As I have said on multiple occasions I think that authors are some of the most parasitised critters on this little green dirt-ball; and my publishing house is going to do our best not to leech off of our authors.

In short — we want you guys to get paid fairly for your brain-sweat.

With that in mind …

… I can’t send you money if I don’t know who you are. More accurately: if you send me a manuscript and forget to include a name on said manuscript — it becomes really hard to send you money.

Please pay attention to the line under “Story Title”.


Little gobsmacked

4 thoughts on “Ok, folks”

  1. Thank you!

    My theory is it will happen more often with beginning authors because we have to remove the information when we submit to contests and that could be the only experience some have ever had of submitting stories.

    Before submitting to your anthologies, Tod and I had only every submitted to two fiction items. One was normal and required name, author information in the document while the other was the WoF contest. The contest requires you remove your name and all “identifying” items. The name does go in a separate form, but never in the manuscript and a lot of people submit to there for years and years and years. Their forum is crazy active and a little intense.

    Also, the Baen contests do that same thing with requiring people to remove the names. They posted recently about having to throw people’s submissions out because they included the names… Which is sort of negative training for professional submission.

    So, my theory, it is people get mixed up and are silly and need detailed directions.

    Granted when you give detailed directions most people won’t follow it. At work, I provided a template and a google form submission set up for a grant we ran, we still had trouble getting people to follow the guidelines.

  2. But…But… Can’t you just read it and know who the author is by their style?

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