Schrodinger’s Author

The colouring book of Squeaks the Kusimanse has gone live, with Cedar Sanderson doing the illustrations. I threw in an extra story that I’ve told on occasion, but never published in a written format before — I think.

I’m vastly amused by the fact that it has received a #1 New Release tag in “Fictional Biographies” (blink?) and a second #1 New Release tag in “Non-Fictional Biographies”.

Apparently I am simultaneously fictional and non-fictional, which knocks my giggle box over. Someone tell the cat to move over, I need the space.

Anyhoo, Space Cowboys 2 is coming out this Friday, and the updated LawDog Files (now with more content!) will be coming out the Friday after that one.

Busy, busy, busy.



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  1. Bought, read, enjoyed, contemplating crayon selection now.

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