Much brave, very courage

Seems like school teachers in the United States have taken it upon themselves to start hiding stuff from the parents of the children the teachers are supposed to be teaching Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic to.

Little stuff, like teachers proselytizing vis a vis abortion, gender identity, gender affirmation surgery, that sort of thing; all of which when it gets discovered, includes being intentionally hidden from the parents — the legal guardians — of the children.

Whole lot of folks who ought to know better are cheering this sort of thing on — especially the part about intentionally hiding it from the parents: teacher’s unions, various NGOs, the entire-bloody-Democrat Party, and the like.

The current Talking Point seeming to be: well, the teachers have to follow their conscience.

I have a question for those who are dumb enough to think this is A Good Idea:

What happens when the proselytizing takes a more … traditional … bent? You still going to be singing paeans when the teachers are holding Bible study and not informing the parents?

No? Why, you hypocritical little bugsnipes.

What happens when “the teacher’s conscience” leads to a quiet little baptism into the Christian faith in the gym? You still going to be manfully holding back tears and speaking in hushed tones about the “moral courage” of the teachers involved?

No? Oh, you sanctimonious little oiks.

Sauce for the goose being sauce for the gander, and all that, if it is “All That Is Good And Just”, if it is “moral courage”, and “an act of good faith and conscience” for a teacher to hide “inconvenient” stuff from parents, then that applies across the board.

Teacher helps student get abortion without parent’s knowledge?
Teacher helps student convert to Catholicism without parent’s knowledge?
Teacher helps student get gender reassignment hormones without parents knowledge?
Teacher helps student get Concealed Carry Licence without parent’s knowledge?
Teacher lectures students on Critical Race Theory without parent’s knowledge?
Teacher lectures students on New Testament without parent’s knowledge?

Y’all don’t get to pick and choose. If some of these without parent’s knowledge are Well and Good, then all of them are.

But you won’t, because you’re hypocritical little weasels, and you seem to be proud of it.



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11 thoughts on “Much brave, very courage”

  1. SO glad my kids are long out of school. Grands, I do worry about, but their mother and dad moved them to a different school that doesn’t do that crap.

    1. Mighty glad we’re living in Texas, though I understand there’s still plenty of that brand of foolishness infesting the public schools. As for us, we’ll be homeschooling the Feylings next year, and it’s going to be a scramble to keep up with them.

  2. Off topic (sort of); I’m working my way through Covenant, by J T Michener. I’m currently near the end of the English/Boer war. Much more to go!
    I see The Africa Files are now available on Amazon’s Kindle ebook, I’ll put in the queue for next. I suspect that will be just as interesting, but much more humorous.
    Thanks in advance!

  3. This is why I encourage every parent I know to home school their kids if they can figure out how to do it. You have no control over what extra little things the teachers are trying to indoctrinate your kids with. My mother-in-law was a teacher, and she made the offer to help my wife and I home school if we decided to have children.
    Before anyone brings up the stupidity about socialization, there are plenty of activities that let your kids socialize out of school.

    1. As a former homeschooled kid, what they mean when they bring up socialization is that you won’t let your kids be bullied like they were.

      Also, socialization as a homeschooler is across all ages, not just your narrow peer group. I had and have friends that could be my grandparent all the way down to kids younger than my own.

  4. Indeed, they are hypocrites.
    Indeed they are cowards.
    Indeed, we the people ought to “dis-employ” them, wherever they are found.

    The trick is to find the cuckoos!

    Ulises from the People’s Republik of Kalipornia

  5. Amen. I remember a big debate about prayer in schools when I was a kid. We were a church going household that prayed regularly. Mom was against the idea. Her reasoning was that she wouldn’t want someone of a different faith than ours leading prayers and the children of households with different beliefs shouldn’t have to submit to our prayer discipline.

  6. I’ve always been under the impression that all teachers did this with whatever their beliefs and interests were, and our feelings about it were never about whether it was happening, only about whether we agreed with this teacher’s lesson.

    I remember as a student how my teachers tried to persuade us of whatever they believed. Some were more persuasive than others.

    No parent minds this process when they approve of the lesson.

  7. Lawdog, Lawdog, Lawdog,

    The Progressives have been hypocritical little weasels for most of a century, if not forever. Like the Social Darwinists, the Old Southern Planters, and the European Aristocrats they see themselves as a social/political elite, placed on Earth by Providence to tell all of us peasants what to do. Rules apply to US, not to THEM.

    Doubtless whatever concatenation of self-nominated Elite twerps eventually replaces them will be much the same.

  8. Don’t restrict this to teachers. How about the county clerk that won’t provide a marriage license for Jim and John? Or for Rose (Catholic) and Irving (Jewish)? The pharmacy clerk that won’t fill birth control prescriptions? The fundamentalist Mormon waitress that believes the church’s original position on the descendants of Cain and ignores black customers?

    All of these are just following their conscience. You have a right to follow your conscience, and when your conscience conflicts with doing your job properly, you have a right to change career fields – but not to continue getting paid for doing the job badly, let alone to break the law.

    If we don’t enforce that, soon we’ll have half of the election boards refusing to print “Trump” on the ballot, and then the other half scratching out “Biden”.

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