Pfagh, on the lot of them

These days the Main Stream Media has reverted whole-heartedly to its ‘yellow journalism’ roots, and is slightly less trustworthy than the old National Enquirer.

Pundits even less so. They routinely cherry-pick the facts that will put their audience into a high-hover, and gloss over all others — and that goes double for the pundits you think are on your side.

John Durham’s investigation into the 2016 hijinks is out, and every over-paid, over-gelled, over-hyped, and under-cerebral talking head is running their mush, trying to gin up a reaction favourable to their side.

Pfagh on the lot of them.

Here is John Durham’s report, in its entirety. Read it for yourself, ponder it critically for a while, and come to your own conclusions.

Bloody pundits.


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10 thoughts on “Pfagh, on the lot of them”

  1. I trust the old National Enquirer now more than ever.
    Ulises from the People’s Republik of Kalipornia

  2. National Enquirer? Less trustworthy than the old Weekly World News. Indeed, they make BAT BOY: THE MUSICAL look like a sober documentary.

  3. One of the more perceptive comments that I’ve seen was that the Russians didn’t want Trump. They wanted Americans fighting amongst themselves and losing faith in America’s insitutions.

  4. I’m waiting on Adam Sciff to get drug out of congress kicking and screaming, followed by a Comey/Strozk perp walk. Hop 45 sues the shit out of the Clinton Campaign and Foundation. Come on, a guy can dream…

    1. And all current employees be forced to “perp walk” out the front door carrying their personal possessions as an object lesson to others.

  5. What is sad and scary to me is the absolute lack of remorse by the major players both in this and the current “parents as domestic terrorists” investigations.

    Poison the well and salt the earth where the FBI office stands.

    1. Turn it into Section 8 housing. (Bonus points if you know where this comes from).

    1. Babylon Bee. Although they are scrambling, because reality keeps reading satire and saying, “Ya know, that’s a great idea!”

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