Postcards From Foolz

Postcards From Foolz went live today!

This is the fourth book in the Postcard series fro Raconteur Press, our experiment in 50 word short stories based on visual prompts we run for each convention we have attended this year.

This is the one from Foolzcon in North Texas. For those of you who are curious, the cover photo is an AI-adapted picture of Brian Gnad — and his Bubba Truck has centerfold shots inside.

I’m here to tell you, this one was fun to put together.

Direct link to book here.

Next one will be LibertyCon — the visual prompts will be AI-generated based off of author names. This one is going to be WILD. Don’t forget that you DO NOT have to be physically present at LibertyCon to take part — we’ll start the Friday of LibertyCon. Ping Jonna, Kortnee, or Cedar and ask for a prompt. They’ll send you one, you have until Monday after LibertyCon to write 50 words and send them to us.

*dignified publisher squee*


Butterflies in 3 ... 2 ...
In which your Humble Scribe stirs the pot ...

3 thoughts on “Postcards From Foolz”

  1. For an aspiring author who would just like to participate, how does one “ping” any of the worthies named above?
    Or is this only open to official authors of Raconteur Press?

    1. Max, we don’t have any “official” authors, we publish entertaining stories from anyone.

      Keep an eye here, and when the next Postcards opens up, we’ll post the e-mail address to ask for one.

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