The state of Raconteur Press

Well, so far we’ve published:
3 Malta anthologies;
2 Space Cowboy anthologies;
1 Space Marine anthology;
3 Postcard anthologies; and

The LawDog Files
The Africa Files.

And with Sanderly Studios, I’ve done the following colouring books:
The Ratel Saga
The Squeaks Caper.

Not bad for a brand-new small publishing house.

We’ll double that — at least — by the end of the year. And if you think that’s impressive, 2024 looks to be at least that, if not even more.

With that, a little housekeeping:

Raconteur Press is mine. It isn’t a “shell corporation” for any other publishers — it’s mine.

The officers of Raconteur Press are me, Rita, CV Walter, Cedar Sanderson, Jonna Hayden, and Sarah C; and those ladies have my complete trust.

Please don’t try to end-run a decision by one of my lovely minions by PMing me on the sneak — there are only six of us, and we talk to each other. I don’t mind a question about a decision, but if you pretend that you haven’t already spoken to one of them and got an answer, hoping to override a decision — I’m going to know about it.

Those five ladies are scary-smart, and have a scary amount of varied experience they share amongst themselves — please don’t condescend my minions. Doing so will not only run you up my smoke list with a quickness, you’ll get them annoyed at you.

Frankly, I think them annoyed is the worst of the two, but some folks have to learn for themselves.

With that, Raconteur Press is just now coming up to speed — I hope y’all will ride along with us as we bring exciting and entertaining authors to the reading public; both authors with established fandoms, and brand-new, never-published-before authors.

Write! Have fun! Get paid!

Raconteur Press

Pfagh, on the lot of them
Speech is free for me, but not for thee

9 thoughts on “The state of Raconteur Press”

  1. The ladies I know on your list are kinda scary smart (and kinda scary), so I’m inclined to give them MILES of slack!

  2. At least one of the ladies Always Has A Plan to kill everyone in the room, so why take the chance of a plan to kill on the other end of an electronic link?

    Congratulations on a good start. Got a few things to order as my current reading list works down.

  3. Having *barely* survived being between two squabbling females, I don’t want a repeat, despite their purported fluffiness.

    That said, I’m ecstatic that your new venture is thriving. Kudos!
    Ulises from the People’s Republik of Kalipornia

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