Om nom nom

One of the things that delights me about the new short-form videos popping up all over YubTub and YackBook are the home chefs.

These are just Regular Joes in their own kitchens making food for a video.

They’re not using organically-sourced ingredients, and more often than not there’s an off-the-shelf spice blend or three used, and spice packets instead of home-made, Fair Trade blends, but they are genuinely enjoying themselves in cooking for an audience.

And — quite honestly — the recipes may be simple (some times), but they are nourishing, rather tasty, and the sheer delight the cooks exhibit in making the videos makes the food all the better.

I approve.


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7 thoughts on “Om nom nom”

  1. Not quite home cooks, but I particularly like watching Kent Rollins and Townsends. Lots of history thrown in for good measure.

    1. “Tasting History” with Max Miller is pretty fun, especially when he cooks up something from an ancient civilization, or something that has changed wildly since its introduction over a century ago.

  2. In 2006 you published a recipe for Lawdog’s Chicken Soup…it has become a regular around our house. Our kids are now grown, and both now make what they call “Lawdog Soup” for their spouses and kids…
    It’s evolved over the years, but will always be Lawdog Soup in our family.

  3. Never mind the off-the-shelf spice blends. I’ll use those to get my own ideas and flavor to taste. Some of the ideas work nicely, others – well, not to my taste.

  4. give Glen And Friends Cooking a try, low key simple cooking, plainly explained and regular segments on “whats on sale at the grocery”
    love to watch just because it’s relaxing

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