I have a story!

And now you need to know how to get it to us.

No problem.

First thing to know is we don’t require a cover letter, a synopsis, or begging of permission. Just send your story to the following email address:

Use the following format:

One of our rules at Raconteur Press is: “The story must be entertaining. All else is negotiable.” That goes within reason — our upper limit for short stories is usually 8,000 words, but if you go over to 10,000 and it’s an entertaining story, we’re ok with that. If you head off into novelette or novella territory, we’re probably going to suggest that you publish on your own and keep all the money for yourself.

You’re going to need a free account at PubShare. Since we use PubShare to pay our authors, do the tax stuff and the accounting; this is a requirement. Be sure when you sign up with your free PubShare account that you specify whether you want to be paid via paper cheque each quarter, or PayPal disbursement each month.

Part of the publishing process is that each author has to sign off in PubShare on the volume their story is in, and we can’t proceed until everyone has signed off on their story. When we’re at that stage, PubShare will email a notice to you that you need to authorise your inclusion. If you take more than a couple of days to do this, Jonna will start raising her eyebrow at you.

There are several times in 2024 when we’re working on a compressed two-week timetable, and an author taking a week to log-in and authorise their story will throw a considerable amount of sand into the gears of a well-oiled machine (with a great big sign saying ‘DO NOT OIL’ on the side). Authorise your story.

If you have any questions our emails are on this blog, and we hang out on the Raconteur Press Facebook page, and the North Texas Troublemakers Facebook group.

Come write for us. Have fun. Get paid.


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  1. Please link this post to Best Of and to Raconteur Press if they aren’t already there. Some of us remember pictures better than words, and the comments about being timely about authorizing in PubShare (and keeping Jonna happy) are important too.

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