The Chronicles of Andrew Spurgle …

… start with a single stumble.

We had scheduled ‘Your Honor, I Can Explain’ to be launched today, but yesterday I got to hear the dulcet tones of our Production Manager, “What do you mean we’ve already sold a copy of ‘Your Honor'” It’s not … live … yet.”

Long pause. “Huh.”

It seems that Amazon — in a habit shared by District Attorney’s offices — decided that their schedule was the only one that mattered, and launched ‘Your Honor, I Can Explain’ a day early.

Sort of. Both the Kindle version and the dead tree edition were live, but … they weren’t connected. And if you were looking at one version, you couldn’t see the other version, at all.

Well, things is sorted out, and I’m proud to introduce “Your Honor, I Can Explain”, book #1 in The Chronicles of Andrew Spurgle:

Direct link to Amazon here.

For those who may not yet be in on the joke, “Andrew Spurgle” is something we made up to introduce some whimsy, levity, and/or chaos into a subject that tends to run fairly dry.

The rules are that “Andrew Spurgle” must be:
1) Incompetent, inept, bungling and/or cack-handed; and
2) Otherwise a creation of the individual author’s fiendish little minds.

He can be the main character; or a supporting one; or even just a brief walk-through a scene, but he must be in each story.

Our authors took this concept, and ran with it. Boy, howdy, did they run with it.

(Note: I should probably be worried that a couple of lawyers, and one retired judge, heard about this and promptly yelped, “I know the exact story I’m going to write!” Yeesh.)

We received enough stories that this first volume in The Spurgle Chronicles will be a two-parter, with #2 (‘What, You Again?’) to be published in Q1 of 2024.

Meanwhile, The Spurgle Chronicles will continue with ‘You See What Happened Was’ later this year, and will be a collection of stories where someone has to explain An Unfortunate Event Which Has Just Occurred. Andrew, of course, must appear somewhere.

This will be followed by the 3rd book in The Chronicles, which is titled ‘He Was Dead When I Got Here’, and will be stories set in a  hotel/ motel/ BnB/ et al. With the now-famous Spurgle making some kind of appearance, of course.

Mr Spurgle is becoming somewhat famous among writers, a bit like Baen’s poor Joe Buckley. As a for instance, listen to the mid-show advert here.

Here. We. GO!


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12 thoughts on “The Chronicles of Andrew Spurgle …”

  1. And His statement usually starts with. “I swear to God, I was just standing there.”

  2. I checked yesterday afternoon, and it was live… So I bought it. Sorry if I caused a kerfluffle.

  3. I just imagined Andrew Spurgle and Joe Buckley meeting.

    I may have to take up drinking to get that image out of my mind.

      1. Oh, I’m already thinking about how to work Andrew Spurgle into a ‘Republic of Texas Navy’ story. Maybe as a representative from the U.S. Navy Bureau of Ordinance, someone from the Mk 14 torpedo development team. 🙂

        1. “But the magnetic detonator math worked perfectly!”

          And that is usually When Things Go Wrong. 🙂

  4. Knowing a bit of the back story, this is the Master Class in NEVER piss off a bard….

  5. #1 in Fantasy Anthologies & Short Stories!

    I took screenshots.

    And now I own all 9 of the 11 Raconteur Press anthologies I didn’t already own.

  6. You’ve heard of the International Date Line? Well, there’s also an International Derp Line and it runs through Amazon headquarters. Overall an improvement on the Sears Catalog, but some weird issues.

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