Or All Will Burn

The latest release from Raconteur Press is another one of our collaborations with established authors.

This one was suggested by Kacey Ezell, and is centred around what someone would do to keep their child safe. The stories we got are just fantastic.

We also managed to snag Marisa Wolf for this one, and I’m tickled pink about that.

Cedar’s cover is just … wow.

Direct link is here.

As usual, our authors went above and beyond, so there will be a second edition of Or All Will Burn, but I would take it as a kindness if you would spread the news about this one far and wide. 


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2 thoughts on “Or All Will Burn”

  1. I read that and started thinking “I could write a story about that, I know the lengths I’d go to to keep my kids safe or to rescue them if they were in the wrong hands.” I’ve never actually gotten a full story out on the page, but that’s a great prompt.

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