Space Cowboys 404 (Cow Not Found)

Our little press released its first anthology in April of 2022.

Yesterday we released #17.

Wow. 17 anthologies in 20 months. And that doesn’t count the re-release of both LawDog Files books, or the Postcard series we did.

One of the clich├ęs that really annoys me — and always has — is: “That’s the way we’ve always done it.” I’ll grant that some times the “way we’ve always done it” is still the best way to do something; but if you’ve been doing it this way for a century, and you haven’t allowed for technological advances, the “way we’ve always done it” sometimes doesn’t hold up.

Publishing is a case in point. It is mired in TTPs* first set down in the last century, and shows very little willingness to improvise, adapt, and use modern tech to overcome the obstacles common to the industry.

When I went to my first convention as a baby publisher I was told by someone older and wiser than myself — who had been in publishing for a while — that there was no way we could get as many anthologies out as I had publicly planned. That I had “bitten off more than I could chew.”

Well, here we are, and we’re right on track. That’s despite pretty much learning publishing from the ground up, and having the oopsies common to all new companies.

I can’t thank Jonna Hayden, Cedar Sanderson, CV Walter, Sarah Clithero, and Liota Wakal enough for their experience, insight, and just plain digging in to get the job done.

And, of course, Rita. I seriously couldn’t have done it without her.

To our authors and fans: Thank you for your faith in us, thank you for entrusting your stories to us, and you might want to strap in and hang on — y’all ain’t seen nothing yet.

Buy! Read! Review!

Seriously — thank y’all.


*Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures.

Merry Christmas!
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3 thoughts on “Space Cowboys 404 (Cow Not Found)”

  1. I think its’s the idea that you don’t treat authors like a resource to get repeatedly strip-mined, Big and Middle Publishing have no clue how to work with people, nor do they scale their operations for it.

    I need to wait until next month for some anthologies. “404: Cow Not Found” is a hilarious title.

  2. Attempt whatever you’ve a mind to do.

    You’ll amaze some folks, and piss off the rest.

    Best wishes for continued success.

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