Changes afoot

Hoo boy, does 2024 have some interesting times coming for this little publishing house.

First off, we start 2024 by getting the Orange Tag of Happiness on our first release for the year:

Direct link is here.

We have also welcomed Intern Steve to the madhouse. He’s actually named Nick Nethery, and he comes to us by way of the Department of Defense’s Skillbridge Program. He attended MarsCON to meet us, and fits in perfectly. As long as he’s good with getting paid in cheese sandwiches and abuse for the foreseeable future, I fully intend on offering him a job when his internship is complete.

Speaking of Raconteur’s “Hey, does this hankie smell like chloroform to you” hiring process, we also met up with Mike Burke of the Alpha Mercs at MarsCON, and promptly shangai’d him, too.

So, if anyone asks: Yes, Nick and Mike are honest-to-god Raconteur Press staff; and as with all of my people, both of them have my complete confidence and trust.

As both of them are retired/retiring US military veterans, they bring a certain grip upon the subject of Mil-SciFi that the ladies might lack a bit of, and will start by handling the Space Marine anthos, as well as “… other duties as assigned”.

We accomplished many, many things at MarsCON — a lot of which will be revealed as the year moves along — not the least involving no small amount of time with a lawyer and a CPA as we set up Raconteur Press as a Real Company.

There is an actual website in the works, which we will launch in due course, and take Raconteur Press off of my blog.

While our dance card for 2024 is full up, I have started filling anthology slots for 2025, as well as black-bagging my first Guest Editor for that year. (Insert evil laugh here.) Until the website launches, click on the Raconteur Press tab on the task-bar above to keep abreast of anthology calls, closing dates, contract dates, and pub dates.

I’d like to remind everyone that Moggies In Space 3, a Galaxy Fur, Fur Away closes this weekend — get your stories in — and Space Marines 3 contracts go out on Saturday 03 FEB 24.

Busy, busy, busy.


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6 thoughts on “Changes afoot”

    1. No kidding. “I’m chaperoning what? I’m judging a what kind of contest, where? Starting when in the morning?!?”

  1. Hey, I have an idea for an anthology!
    Stories of derring-do, with an aside for the results.
    And yes, I’ll be willing to guest edit it.

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