This is a way past due post, and one that is meant for authors out there.

If you are on Amazon, you need to have an Amazon author’s page. You do this by going to Amazon Author Central and creating an Author page. Once you have done that, there will be a hyperlink on any book you have claimed. Folks can click on that hyperlink and be taken to your Author page, where other books you have claimed will be listed — and fairly importantly — the ‘Follow’ button is located.

I say ‘fairly importantly’ because if your Gentle Readers have clicked that ‘Follow’ button, Amazon will — allegedly — send them notifications when you upload a new book. You can see how this could be helpful.

I also seem to have been remiss in telling new authors that they really should claim any of our anthologies they’ve been in.

To do this, go to your Amazon Author Central page, click on ‘Books’ on the tab-line across the top, and then click ‘add it now’, and follow the instructions.

Amazon is a little squirrely on the number of authors they’ll let claim a book, but we’re usually under their max limit. If you find you can’t claim one you’re published in, let us know and we’ll see what we can do. No promises — it IS Amazon, after all.

Please remember to go forth and have your family, friends, fans, followers, and random folks on the subway ‘Follow’ your Amazon page, and Amazon page of any other author they like — it helps you, and it helps us.

Thank you.



It's live! LLIIVVEE!!

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  1. One thing the authors can do is snapshot either the cover with their name showing, or the table of contents with their name and story showing. That’s usually all it takes for Amazon to ‘allow’ them to claim it.

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