Friendly Competition

One of the drums I’ve been pounding hard this last year is the “Rising tide lifts all boats” philosophy among other small publishers and Indie authors.

One such small publisher is Cannon Publishing, run by my friend J.F Holmes. Cannon publishes MilSciFi and other genres; and are Good Folks.

This morning we find ourselves in a friendly competition on Amazon’s New Release categories, both in Science Fiction Shorts and Fantasy Shorts:

Cannon is ahead of us in Fantasy, but:

We’re ahead in Sci-Fi! Woo hoo!

And when I say “friendly” I mean it — when small publishers like us start making in-roads in categories on Amazon, it helps all small publishers.

I hope to see more and more small publishers on those New Release lists in the future.

Oh, and this month’s Rising Tide interview will be with J.F. Holmes, for those of you following the podcasts. It’ll be up last week of March.


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