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I’ve been carrying a Streamlight MicroStream AAA  pen-light in my pocket for about as long as Streamlight has been producing them.

I find that a good pocket light is every bit as useful as a good pocketknife, and — quite honestly– I probably use the light more times during the day than I do the knife.

They’ve always been less than $20, and when I lose them — if you carry and use your kit, you’re going to lose it sooner or later — when I lose one there’s not much fashin’ about it.

With my vision issues it hits the sweet spot of being bright enough to be useful, but not so bright that it overwhelms my retina and punts me into the new wonders of the optical migraine.

Yes, I know that there are brighter flashlights out there, but 500 lumens on a white wall shuts down the left side of my visual field for about 15 minutes, and I have to put up with purple smears in my vision for about an hour.

Not, as they say, quite optimal.

I find that if you use the lithium AAA batteries you get more than the listed lumen output and run time, by the by.

The only problem with them is that the only come in black. I realize that’s “tactical”, and I also realize that by the time I need to replace one it’s generally worn and scuffed to charcoal grey, but the truth of the matter is that my vision has deteriorated to the point that finding it in the shadows of the cubby where I store my pocket litter at night can oft be challenging, to say nothing of when it falls out of my pocket into the grass or the shadows under furniture.

I managed to hang onto my last one for a decade or more before it finally vanished, so after futilely looking for it for a while, I gave up and visited the Streamlight store where I discovered to my delight that they now come in red. A hopefully more-visible hue.

It’s in that worn spot in my left pocket as I type this, where I’ve been reflexively patting for a week.

All is right with my world.


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8 thoughts on “That’s better”

  1. That’s why the Surefire in the truck console is bright yellow.

    Well, it -was- bright yellow, kind of dull now. Probably ought to paint it.

    1. I have the “flat dark earth” micro stream that puts out 250/100 lumens, best little pocket light I’ve ever owned. I’ve gone through three of them in the past few years, (lost the first, the second one melted the lens a bit and isn’t *quite* as bright anymore, and the third is still running just fine.)

      That Microstream, a Kershaw/Emerson collaboration CQC11K, and a spare mag for my SIG p365 have been the standard equipment in my front left pocket for years now. The Microstream lights are also a standard item in all of our big out bags. I’ve honestly been considering picking up a couple more and stashing them in one of the safes just in case they decide to change the design or stop producing them.

  2. I attach a Mini Universal Glow Marker from CountyCom to thing like flashlights that I might need to find in the dark. Not bright enough to disturb my sleep, but makes them visible.

  3. I place a band of duck tape on the barrel, in a (bright) contrasting color. When my light goes off to bravely go (etcetera) beneath, say, my dresser, that bright piece of tape is very helpful for my own geezerly eyes.

  4. About 5 years ago, Coast had a sale on their HP1. It was an aluminum body with LED light, 1 AA battery putting out 190 Lumens for under $10 if you had a minimum buy of $25 in Amazon.
    I tried one, liked it and ended up buying 4 more to have around the house, car and one is attached to the company vehicle’s keychain.

    And the most common use is to be on top of the night stand so when I wake up in the middle of the night for a bladder check, I don’t wake the Missus.

  5. I switched from an AA or AAA type tube light to one of those flat/square COB type USB rechargable type keychain lights.
    Usually around 100 lumens on high, 50-60 on low.
    They also usually have a caribiner type latch thing, a magnet, and a stand that also functions as a hanging loop.
    They do not have a long throw to the beam, but they DO have a much more gentle area light that I find more useful.
    They’re cheap (I got a 4 pack for like $12 on sale on the ‘Zon), durable, and with a little practice can be on/off a belt loop very fast.

    And… they can be had in all sorts of colors!

    I do keep a Big Honking Flashlight handy in every vehicle and by every entrance because sometimes a long throw beam is perzactly what the situation calls for, but for lugging around all day every day, I like the little square guys a lot more!

  6. I keep one of Olight’s smallest rechargeable hanging around my neck. Same diameter as a AAA light, but shorter.

    Dark corners in the back of cupboards, under shelves in sheds, fuse-compartments under the dash on old vehicles, walking outside the “water the horse” at 2AM, or checking up that log forcthe critter that the dogs insist is there..,

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