Well, hello, there!

Well, since the Tangent Online news took off, I’ve gotten some questions back-channel from folks who seem to have a certain wrong idea about how we do things, in particular in the way we pay our authors.

So, let me clear that up.

We use Pubshare for our royalties, so this means that our authors do need an account with them.

For every $100 that one of our books earns, Amazon takes $30, and sends the rest ($70) to Pubshare.

Of that $70, Pubshare takes $7 (10%) and divides the rest ($63) among the authors, and Raconteur Press, equally.

Yes, we take an equal share along with our authors.

Now, for the part that some folks just can’t wrap their minds around: We will hang on to the rights to your story for one year. After one year, the rights revert back to the author — HOWEVER …

… We Do Not Stop Paying Authors After A Year.

Read that again: we will pay our authors for as long as this publishing house exists.

Yes, as long as we have enough royalties to make a minimum payment, we will send money to our authors.

We are still paying authors for the first book we published, in April 2022, so please stop telling potential authors that we only pay for a year.

Thank you,

LawDog/Ian Mc Murtrie
CEO, Raconteur Press

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7 thoughts on “Well, hello, there!”

  1. Let me Testify: I’m still getting royalties from the first Space Cowboys anthology, published in February 2023. Whoever is spreading that lie about Raconteur Press is misinformed or has malicious intent.

  2. Another Rac Author here, and one that hasn’t published much at all (or submitted much either).
    I don’t get much. But I do still get. And it’s been well past a year. I think it’s been one story? In one anthology, and an early one at that. So most people already have it, and sales trickle. But they still trickle, and that story buys a cup of coffee ever now and then.
    RacPress (and affiliates) are Good People. They do what they say, and they say what they do.

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