In today’s press news:

Alien Family Values is live!

We did this one with Guest Editor Sandra L. Medlock, and I’m tickled pink about it.

The cover is — as usual — by Cedar Sanderson, as are the interior illustrations and adverts. She flat knocked them out of the park again.

Oh, by the way, for the confused out there: the adverts are tongue-in-cheek. If you send me an outraged e-mail regarding the ‘Adopt A Human’ advert, or a confused email about not being able to find the ‘Paint Your Spaceship’ company on the Internet …

… there will be judging. Just before I bin your email. You’ve been warned.

Previous Intern Steve (now called “Nick” for some reason) has waxed eloquent about Father’s Day over on our Substack. Man can turn a phrase; I’ll give him that. Probably should think about being an author, or something.

Anyhoo, I’m told interns should have positive reinforcement, or something (personally, I thought the regular beatings were pretty positive, but what do I know), so pop over there and leave him a positive comment.

In other news, my Duct Tape Little Sister won First Place for Novelettes in the 2023 Analytical Laboratory Awards.  Yay! Monalisa is a hell of a writer and deserves the accolades.

I think that’s about it.


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3 thoughts on “In today’s press news:”

  1. Halfway through, and enjoying it so far!

    Thought – is there a market for an anthology of stories based on song lyrics? (Yes, I just finished reading The Girl with the Telescope Eyes.)

  2. Tell Cedar Sanderson that I think she needs to win an award for best cover EVER. I bought the book because of that cover.

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