Murder On The CNN Express

People have been asking my thoughts on the debate this last Thursday night.

Honestly, I’ve been saying for almost four years that the Democratic National Committee should be indicted for elder abuse over running Biden for POTUS.

And while Joe Biden is a complete sack of lying monkey ballocks (does no-one else remember that he ran for President in 1988 and withdrew after being caught plagiarizing a speech, plagiarizing papers in law school, and outright lying about his academic record? Just me? Ok.) the plain and simple observable fact that the man is somewhere on the dementia cycle just makes what’s been done to him cruel.

This is completely separate from my outright and long-standing antipathy towards the man — despite what various Russian bots and the comment section of Instapundit believe I’ve disliked him since the 1990s, and his installation in the Oval Office did nothing to dissuade me from that  distaste — but, as far as I’m concerned State’s Exhibit ‘A’ in the indictment of Dr Mrs Jill Biden, the DNC, and the legacy media for Continual Abuse of the Elderly was recorded on a two-minute delay during the evening hours of 27 JUN 24.

Yes, you dissembling little dacoits in the “journalism” field should be horsewhipped around the courthouse square for this. Each and every one of you. Your feeble excuses that Trump is a Bad Man do not absolve you of the fact that you have ruined this country, and covered for the abuse of a geriatric man whose think-pudding is mouldy.

Anyone in the DNC and political field that supported this reprehensible abuse should be crucified on the National Mall as an example.

My thoughts about Dr Mrs Biden are not printable here, other than to say that I hope the undertaker dresses her in her asbestos underoos after she passes.

Vile. Vile, vicious, and inexcusable, the lot of you.

While I am extremely cross that y’all have made me feel pity for the political cancer that has been Joe Biden and his 50+year career as an elected parasite on this country, I am even more annoyed that I’m fairly sure that no-one is going to hold the Democrats and the Legacy Media to account for this.

Not a one of the unindicted co-conspirators in the Democratic Party is going to be voted out of office for this.

No Legacy Media companies are going to go out of business for this.

No “journalist” who enabled this bushwa is going to be drummed out of the “field of journalism*” and reduced to asking if I want fries with my meals for this.



*Remember: You don’t hate journalists enough. You think you do, but you don’t.

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10 thoughts on “Murder On The CNN Express”

  1. Five minutes in and anyone with a conscious and two brain cells knew the debate was going to be a train wreck for team Brandon. FJB is WAY past his good by date and is only there as a puppet for 44. If Russia and China go kinetic at the same time, we are toast.

    1. He was almost this bad back in 2020. Heck, he was almost this bad as a Veep under the Obungler.

      81 million votes my boil-covered arse.

  2. “While I am extremely cross that y’all have made me feel pity for the political cancer that has been Joe Biden”

    With respect, I think you can feel pity for the person and the abuse he’s being subjected to while still loathing him and his policies.

  3. I’m thinking we’ve reached the point where there are enough to accomplish some brutal changes to some important things. Whether anything happens is to be seen, but I don’t have much faith it will happen.

  4. I honestly am starting to think that Jill Biden is running the country and the White House. I am willing to believe that SHE was the one that pushed for this train wreck, because only a complete and utter f’in moron would have set this up.
    Which SHE IS. Woman makes bricks look smart.

    She then drugged her scumbag husband off to a rally, were SHE did all the talking, and it was the talking of someone so stupid, they actually believe that the hooker loves them and their drug dealer is their best friend.

    I’m wondering if the rank and file all decided to let her have her way (understand that ALL other Presidential debates have been CANCELED. That was -prior- to this one, the earliest debate in history, between two people who aren’t even Candidates yet!

    Now, a lot of the folks on the left will have completely forgotten about this debate come Monday, because they’re morons… err leftists (same thing). But the world saw it, and the world is very much going to start taking advantage of the face that this country doesn’t have a leader anymore.

    I very much expect stuff to start happening next week. Bad Stuff. Because why not? What is the USA going to do?

  5. Micro sample. This 96 senior apartment building the provides shelter for the dog and me is full of traditional Democrat voters. Not now. As an example, 90 years old abulea matriarch Dora, “No more Democrats. Hurt my grandchildren”. Many silver heads nod.

    Does it matter? Those who count the votes determine the winners which is why we have Biden.

  6. Everyone hasn’t forgotten him being drummed out of a White House run for plagiarizing wholesale speeches from UK Labour Party members.

    But his televised elder abuse on Thursday should be criminally prosecuted, for Jill and 100 co-conspirators.

    Maybe if every teacher, RN, and LEO within DC called in, as mandatory reporters, and reported seeing an 80-something senior citizen being abused, someone would finally have to look into it.

    Then the file could be FOIAed into the public record.

    Wouldn’t that be nice?

  7. I was feeling pity for a time, but I got over it. He has had many opportunities to just say no and he did not. His ego and his greed kept him going forward and all Dr. Jill had to do was appeal to those “qualities” to keep him going. Then came the period when those moments of the ability to just say no became further and further apart, finally to the point that the drugs and mental condition *may* have him past the point of no return. Maybe. We all have to live with our choices.

  8. Here’s the thing, Dem Voters:
    You were warned about this.
    Joe Biden has clearly been suffering from senile dementia since well before 2020.
    Possibly also Sundowner Syndrome.

    You. Were. Warned.

    Now, I’m not at all convinced that 81 million of you voted for him anyway in November of 2020, as (yes) the popular election was of >cough!< dubious legitimacy.
    But a lot of you did. Because Mean Tweets Orangeman Bad.
    And look where we are now.
    – Remember how you people claimed that Trump would get us into WWIII?
    Well, who has us eyeball to eyeball with Russia in a shooting war that could escalate to a nuclear exchange?
    – Speaking of Russia, how do you like the Russian-Chinese-et alia economic alliance?
    – speaking of economics, how do you like your rents, utility bills, and grocery costs? How do you like every one of your dollars losing about 30% of its notional purchasing power in the last three years due to inflation?
    et cetera.
    and, again: You. WERE. warned.

    Now, none of this is actually Biden's fault.
    I mean, yes, he's a massive crook who has spent 20-odd years following the Clinton Method of committing security violations, weaponizing Federal agencies, selling access for cash to all buyers and laundering money for personal and political gain, and he has been a massive asshole since at least the early 1980s, but as of right now he's just a senile old perverted coot.
    It is the people with their arms shoulder-deep up his puppet-hole who are pulling the strings in this Administration.
    And you were warned about this, too.
    But NOW, the cat is out of the bag.
    And NOW, *your* puppet-masters are letting you admit that Uncle Joe is mentally incompetent.
    So NOW you are worried, and are NOW willing to admit that Biden shouldn't be President and should not run for re-installation.
    And NOW you are primed to accept whatever shady bait-and-switch the people with their arms shoulder-deep in *your* puppet holes come up with.

    But notice how you are still not taking the lesson.
    What lesson, you ask?
    Simple enough: You are idiots. You really are NPCs.

    You are too stupid, inattentive, emotional, and thoroughly programmed to be able to vote like an actual informed and rational human being.

    You have someone with an arm so far up your ass that he can operate your mouth with his hand and somehow you shamble through your day without noticing it.

    You are allowed to vote, yes… but have you ever bothered to ask yourselves whether you really should?

  9. I’ve been privately referring to the debate and subsequent reaction by the Dems, media and woke corporations as “The night of the long knives.” perhaps not as swift as Herr Hitler’s purge of the SA, but likely just as effective in the long run.

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