Raconteurs and Raconteuses

If you talked to me, Rita, Jonna, Mike, or Chris about an idea for Raconteur Press or a novel pitch you had during Libertycon, or DM’d any of us about an idea or pitch you had after Libertycon, I’d like for you to send a follow-up note to:

Editor [at] RaconteurPress [dot] com

You know what to do with the words in the brackets. Death to spambots!

All of the staff have access to the email — especially Jonna — and they’ll make sure that it gets handled, answered, and/or sent to the proper person.

Matter-of-fact, recognizing that I have brain-squirrels at the best of times, going forward make sure you send any ideas for anthologies, novel pitches, author recommendations, or Good Ideas to that email addy.

If you’d like to do an interview with RacPress, or invite us to a convention, use the same email address, of your kindness.

For you comedians out there, just remember that Jonna has Very Large Shears, and Sarah has many, many knives.



Moggie Noir!
Murder On The CNN Express

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