You really don’t hate them enough

“Listen, if you didn’t know you were being scammed you’re too [deleted]ing dumb to keep this job. If you did know, you were in on it.”
~Casino (1995)

I’m listening to the Legacy Media clutching their pearls and expressing shock — shock, I say — over the state of President Biden’s mental faculties.

Claims from the Media that the “Biden inner circle” “concealed his mental state” are falling upon deaf ears, so they’re pivotting to the excuse of “It’s a sudden decline, over the last couple of months”.

Horse. Puckey.

The Media was there in 2019, when the then-candidate for FICUS called an Iowa farmer a “damned liar” and challenged him to a push-up contest.

They were there in 2020 when he called a voter a “Lying dog-faced pony soldier” for pointing out that he had only come in at 4th place in the Iowa Democratic caucus. 

There were the requests for wheelchair-bound paraplegics to stand up; demands to talk to long-dead European country leaders, tripping over various stairs, ignoring and wandering off from meetings with leaders of allied nations, unprovoked angry outbursts at American troops, calling out to dead Congresswomen at a service where he was dedicating a building to her memory — all of which predate the “last couple of months”.

Hell, I’ve been referring to him as the FICUS* on the Livestream since he was sworn in.

But, no, the Media is “surprised” by his apparent mental state.


Let me ask you a question that should nail home how bad you should be hating journalists right now: How many brain surgeries did Joe Biden undergo in 1988?

The answer is two. Both of them for leaking brain aneurysms, at least one of which was a berry aneurysm at the base of his brain. Not to mention that he got himself a romping pulmonary embolism while recovering from the first time someone went spelunking through his think-pudding.

None of this should be a surprise to any reporter, much less the White House Press Pool, but I’m willing to bet it’s a surprise to some of my Gentle Readers. Why is this, do you think, that the fact that the President of the United States has had people rooting around in his brain bucket not once, but twice, is a surprise to anyone?

Not like it’s Mission Critical Information or anything … oh, wait.

In a just world, after that debate the entire White House Press Corp should be decorating light standards for this bushwa; and the headquarters of CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, the New York Times, and every other “bastion of the First Amendment” should be on fire.

But we’re civilised now.

They’re going to pretend to be the shocked and outraged victims of a cover-up. They’re going to pretend that there’s no way they’re the propaganda arm of one political party, that this is a errant one-time event, and that they’ll “do better” in the future.

We’ll pretend we believe them.

And not a damned thing will change, because not a single one of the little bugsnipes will face any sanction for being morally degenerate sacks of o-rings, desperate to do anything to keep their favoured political party in office, and willing to lie, obfuscate, cherry-pick, ignore inconvenient facts, and straight-up propagandise to do so.

You think you hate journalists enough, but you don’t. You really don’t.

Pfagh on the lot of them.


*Houseplant Of The United States.


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16 thoughts on “You really don’t hate them enough”

    1. I call them the Biten/Herhairyass team. Obviously Biten enjoys slurping on fermented Willie Brown’s semen.

      PS- I refuse permission to use any of my info in any way. You mat NOT sell, trade, give away or use it in any way whatsoever.

  1. I saw a question on a forum last night, a fellow speaking of judges and the wide net of sovereign immunity that they keep spreading officials, even or especially when they are caught red handed in serious crimes. The question was “Why are the Judges so hell bent on causing violence?”.
    At first he did not understand the question, until someone pointed out that while the judges can make them immune from prosecution, they cannot make them rope proof.
    Same goes for “the media”

  2. While an excellent post in general, I do have to disagree with one line:

    > We’ll pretend we believe them.

    nah, we already aren’t. The only people who are believing them are the ones who believe literally anything with a blue donkey on it.

  3. In my opinion, there were enough voters that knew Biden had slipped into an orchestrated coma, and if the concern for an honest election was demanded by an honest media, the subterfuge would have been exposed.

    Hate the media? Not all of them, but enough that an 80% cull in the herd is demanded.

  4. I might have been the first to call Biden the FICUS, over on According To Hoyt. FICUS stands for Fraud-In-Chief of the United States. The fact that it also evokes the idea of a potted plant is just a bonus.

    I saw what they did to the 2020 election. I read both of Larry Correia’s ‘Fuckery Is Afoot’ posts, and agree completely. That election STILL has not been investigated. If it really was ‘the most fair and honest election in American history’ why do the Democrats, and the media, get so hysterical when anybody questions it? If they have nothing to hide, WHY are they so desperate to hide it?

    Hey, when did the site software start rejecting names containing numbers?
    “There’s statistically improbable, and then there’s ‘violates the fundamental principles of the universe’ improbable.”

    1. A pretty simple reason: because while I’m still not convinced that there was widespread voter fraud, it was definitely not the most secure election in American history (thanks to the massive loosening of absentee ballot rules) and the Democrats and media mavens who did so much to quash any kind of questions have invested so much of themselves into that narrative that anything that threatens it in anyway is a threat to their identities.

  5. There’s a webcomic called “Failure to Fire” that was written during the early Obama years. And the author portrays Biden as a brain-dead gaffmatic machine.

    Which Biden was. He got selected to Veep for Obama much like Kamala for Joe. Biden was never a threat to Obama and a potential horror-show if Obama was removed from office one way or another.

    Heck, go watch the Clarence Thomas hearings and Puddinghead Joe doesn’t sound like even a dull-but-mostly-usable knife in the knife drawer.

    Biden was a horror-show of absentee brain function during the Lightbringer’s 2 tenures as POTUS. He was a horror-show of dementia from 2016 to 2020. He was a walking vegetable hyped up on really serious drugs for the few outings in 2020 before the Stealection.

    We don’t need cognitive tests of Biden. We need cognitive tests of the media and of anyone who actually did vote for the shambling mound.

    1. There’s a passage in Heinlein’s novel _Friday_ where solders are holding drumhead courts-martial and executing “democrats.”

      Sounds prophetic.

  6. The media, pretty much as a whole (at least at the national level), are pretty much sociopaths engaged in “impression management”. In their minds, their job is not to report facts or truth, it is to create an impression in the minds of the public, one that will allow their side to get what they want.

    This has been going on my entire lifetime. As the late Rush Limbaugh famously noted, homelessness was always a crisis under Republican presidents, then vanished when a Dem took office, then magically reappeared when the next Republican got voted in.

    What’s hilarious is how bad they’ve gotten at it, as the internet makes information more easily available to the rubes. They’re now at Bagdad Bob levels of credibility. Except Bagdad Bob was funny.

    No, we will not pretend to believe them.

  7. The simple truth is that the many indoctrinated fools around the country that put him in office had no concept of his psychotic senility which has been around for decades and they STILL cannot see it. Bumbling Biden was picked for that very reason by the Demonrats to run and they cheated to ensure his victory and our crooked government did nothing about it.

  8. Ficus is a houseplant. In its natural tropical state, it’s also known as a strangler fig. They grow up around trees and other ficuses, and bind tightly enough to kill the victim tree. Turn it into mulch, then grows off the remains. Sounds right.

  9. The thing is, all news media have ALWAYS been biased, and lied. The first modern newspapers started out as political broadsheets and never strayed far from their roots. But there was a lot of VARIETY of bias. And because Paper A knew that if they lied unthriftily, their political rivals at Paper B would expose them, there were limits.

    The Progressive Establishment – and the Progressives have BEEN the establishment for a long time – managed to do two things that changed this; they promoted the idea that ‘journalism’ was a job requiring a college degree, thereby putting most reporters through academic propaganda factories, and they promulgated the idea that ‘journalistic ethics’ held reporters to a Higher Truth.

    This worked very well for them. News media became overrun with Progressive bias, and accusations of bias ran into the ‘Journalistic Ethics’ lie. So political opponents wasted lots of time and energy battling bias, when the answer was always “Of course your reporting is biased. All reporting is biased. Here’s OUR bias, and the populace can decide who’s the bigger liar.”

    As an aside; I think it was P.J. O’Rourke who said that ‘Journalistic Ethics’ boiled down to a firm belief in a right to an open bar.

    What we are seeing now is the intellectual flabbiness of a News Media that lost the ability to argue, because they didn’t have to deal with much opposition. They had it mostly all their own way for a long few decades, and when Talk Radio and then the internet came along, they didn’t roll up their sleeves and give real battle. They whined, and mocked, and stuck their heads in the sand.

    It doesn’t help that their Statist faith that government can solve all problems simply doesn’t work. It’s awfully hard to argue in favor of what has already failed.

    I can’t be bothered to hate them. Feel contempt, yes. Enjoy their thrashing around, yes. But the Progressive Establishment is on a downslope. The populism that Trump represents is not peculiar to Trump, and it’s spreading. A lot of people are tired of being told that what a problem needs is two or five layers of bureaucratic incompetence added on top.

    We may be at the turning point. Keep your powder dry and don’t fire until you see the green of their teeth.

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