You know what?

Local news media is fond of calling law enforcement agencies at about 0500 to ask if there’s been any excitement.

I’ll bet you didn’t know that if you shriek, “Bullets aren’t stopping it!” from the back hall while the Dispatcher is on the front phone telling the newsie that it’s been a quiet night you can apparently cause an adrenaline rush in the afore-mentioned media-drone equal to about four simultaneous espresso shots.

Me, neither.

Oh, well. Yet another addition to the List of Forbidden Activities.

Right behind the 0400 Tac Channel broadcast of “The Adventures of Thunderbunny” and the addition of a glue-on rubber pig snout to the uniform on All Hallows Eve.

Amongst others.

No sense of humour in these bigger departments. Frankly, it’s annoying as hell.


Hey! Get out of there!
You're going to go blind, dammit.

5 thoughts on “You know what?”

  1. Know what you mean about the sense of humor, LD. Fer instance, the time I found a Dunkin’ Donuts font and used that to make up some bumper stickers supporting the local PD.

    Unfortunately, I chickened out — mainly because of the reprisals that their chief (a prototypical tinpot Mussolini type) would likely take on the innocent. Yes, and on the guilty too.

    – NF.

    P.S. Why does the selection thingy switch to “Anonymous” after I do a preview?

  2. “Bullets aren’t stopping it!!”

    I really and truly needed that laugh today, LawDog. Thanks.

  3. Used to dispatch for SP…And I can only imagine the aftermath. Kind of like what happened when someone forgot to switch radio channels during a Tactical exercise and sent the entire dispatch center into HIGH ALERT. He conveniently “disappeared” from any further radio traffic leaving me to think that one of my troopers was DEAD or DYING on the highway. AARRRGH!

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