Best of the LawDog Files

(If you see one that needs adding just tell us in the comments- Jack)

Meditations on Reading (July 6th, 2022)

Meditations on Independence (July 5th 2022)

Meditations on Death (March 10th 2018)

Meditations on Crowds (October 3rd 2017)

Meditations on Monsters  (January 29th 2017)

Meditations on the Constitution  (February 4th, 2016)

Well, That’s Just Splendiferous (December 3rd 2012) (AKA A Man & His Monster)

Meditations on Gun Control (July 25th 2012)

Meditations on Melancholia (April 3rd 2012)

Ok, I’ll Play (September 24th 2010) (AKA The Cake Analogy)

Meditations On Damnit (June 25th 2010)

Meditations on Civility (March 11th 2010)

DO WANT!  (January 27th 2010) (AKA Chariot Racing)

Oh, Bugger (May 2nd 2009)

The Pink Gorilla Suit (August 26th 2008)

Stop the Planet! I Want Off! (August 20th 2008)

Arrgghh! (July 16th 2008)

Meditations on Self Defence (January 28th, 2008)

The Story of Mr. Johnson (October 26th 2007)

I Should Be So Ashamed of Myself (June 12th 2007)

Virginia Tech Shooting (April 16th 2007)

Court Guns and BBQ Guns (March 11th 2006)

Big Mama (February 25th 2006)

The Squeaks Saga a/k/a The Snake Story  (February 25th 2006) (AKA  the Squeaks Saga Part 1) 

Squeaks, part deux  (February 26th 2006) (AKA the Squeaks Saga Part 2)