Intermittent blogging

I’d like to apologize for the intermittent blogging here of late. The holiday season is hell on cops, plus Nana and ordinary-people holiday stuff — I’ve been falling a bit behind.

I promise that the posting rate will return to normal once Target-Rich-Environment Season is over.


A good book.
Blimey! I've been sussed!

8 thoughts on “Intermittent blogging”

  1. It’s the quality not quantity…but if you post more often I surely won’t complain.

    Best wishes to you and yours.


  2. Oh… I always thought it was the quality and quantity. I’m greedy.

    Be careful out there, LawDog. Holidays are like four or five full moons all at once.

  3. iFeliz Navidad!

    (Damnable English keyboard hasn’t got enough letters..)

    My wish for you & ALL Peace Personnel:

    May it be a very boring, nothing happened on my watch, glad to get home safely to my loved ones & tolerated guests, holiday.


  4. Supply and Demand: the less you produce, the more valuable it is.

    I would be willing to pay twice the money for half as much…post…ing…ness or something.

  5. Good Gracious, LD. Blogging is like pudding – you do it if you’ve got space left over.

    Really, Sir. If you’re levelling your weapon,the thought should be “Front sight, front sight, front sight” not “I’m blogging this.”

    Merry Christmas. 😀

  6. Echoing in the other posters – you stay safe in the “crazy season”.

    And Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  7. I haven’t heard an update on Nana lately, Is she back kicking arse and taking names yet? Maybe you should take her on a ride along, Bet she’d beat some sense into those idjits right quick!

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