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  1. Good riddance. The world is lighter by one less murderous son of a bitch, and we’re all better off for it.

    I am very pleased by this trial, and the swift justice that the Iraqi courts have dispensed.

    Guilty-hanged within about a month. Bravo, bravo.

  2. Glad he’s dead? Yeah.

    But the filth he left behind, the monster’s stain is still on the ground. Now… time for the work to really begin. Otherwise?

    A moment of visceral joy at a hemp fandago just doesn’t seem worth the cost – in Iraqi AND American blood.

    Hate to admit it. But I’m thinking especially of American blood tonight. I feel for the Iraqi people, but until this country is willing to support the men and women bleeding over there, its hollow.

    Ding Dong the witch is Dead… but our boys and girls in uniform are still having to deal with the flying monkeys.

  3. this is my personal opinion based on my tour in Iraq.

    RE: Flying Monkeys

    Flying monkeys without a witch are about as usefull as warts on a frogs ass. I dont think you fully appreciate what was going on. Insurgent group A was trying to destabalize the gov to put sadam back in power. Group B wants a true islamic law country.
    A lost its leader. They wanted sadam back in power so they could get the perks. now that they have no hope of that. B is thier biggest threat. because in an islamic state no one gets to break the law with impunity. so a democracy is preferable to this.


  4. The professional rapists hired by Saddam to terrorize dissident families makes his death welcome news.

    I wish I could suspend my disbelief in hell just for a little while and watch that grease ball burn like a wick.

  5. Glad to see the bugger swing – or drop.
    Many on other sites have decried the lack of compassion and the ‘murderousness’ of it. Get a dictionary and use it I say. Then start with the rights of man.
    The thing that’s important to remember here is that in other little places around the world people are starting to worry, those kinds of people who are quite willing to kill, torture and maim for the benefit of themselves and their ilk. These are not reasoning people, the threat of jail, or God forbid some kind of nice hand holding and singing, will not make them better, and will not make them feel regret or remorse. This kind of sentence, the wooly hand holding bit – they simply see as weak. When you hang the buggers they know it’s over and they fear that. Death is a message they understand, as it what they deal in. With any luck those others around the world, in Somalia, Darfur and other places will take heed. The message reads as follows..
    We are civilized; we treat people with respect until they break those bonds. You do not. Therefore we will treat you in accordance with your own methods – beware… We have lots of very dedicated and skilled soldiers who WILL make you accountable.
    Ex Mil ex POL

  6. Actually Scott? Yeah. I do. I’ve watched my friends and love ones leave for Iraq… I’ve watched some of them come back only to CHOOSE to go back so they can try and help, I’ve watched some come back broken, and I’ve watched some come back in boxes. Saddam needed to die, but he isn’t the only monster on the block in that country. Iraq is still under heavy fire and Saddam has been in a prison cell a heck of a long time. To think that his death will cause all the madness to just face away is folly.

  7. “Wish they’d convicted him of the other stuff.”

    I think it’s a valid point that there was a lot more hanging offenses he committed. But he got hung just as dead as it stands.

    The thing about insurgent groups A and B… I’m reminded of what one analyst on Foxnews said, that it’s not our Vietnam, but rather it’s al Quaida’s Vietnam. They’re the ones who can’t leave.

    mustanger98 on THR

  8. jenna my comments were not ment in a deragatory sense but rather to point out that the enemy of my enemy can still have a use for me.
    I never said that all was going to end but rather hope that the buggers that thought that the grand pombah could come back to power will see that it is a waste and move on.


  9. Now if we can just find a way to either educate all the idiots saying “We” killed him for (revenge, to make Bush look good, etc), or ship them off to a stupid colony… similar to a leper colony.

    I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but I’ve never been part of an Iraqi tribunal. I don’t know where this “We” is coming from.

  10. I don’t care about Saddam. What I want to know is–how are you feeling, Law Dog?

  11. Finally, justice for the thousands of families he shattered and destroyed.

    In this case, the death penalty is the most appropriate form of justice for those families who will forever be haunted by his brutality.

  12. He was –*ahem*– hung well.

    Phone camera video footage and published stills confirm the print media description of the remains: the head “twisted impossibly to the right”.

    Snapped like a pretzel, in more vulgar parlance. At least they used his wool scarf as a barrier against rope burn. Nothing adds insult to injury like a noogie when you’re dangling.

    I don’t celebrate anyone’s death, but there are some deaths I mourn less than others.

    Anyone need a hanky? I’ve got plenty here, all unused.

  13. Personally, I’d gained a small amount of respect if he had died while fighting U.S. troops. Instead, he surrendered and tried to use his twisted charisma to secure his release, which didn’t work. I’d have rather him set loose in the desert with no supplies and information for those that were interested.(free transportation) Justice would have been served and his screams would have been away from the tender ears of our polite society.

  14. This is an even happier ending than the Final Adventure of the lowlife with the Daisy BB pistol.

    I can’t help but feel sorry for the man as I watched footage of them putting the noose around his neck. But I would have done it myself, with my own hands, if necessary. Of course volunteers for that job would be plentiful in Iraq, wouldn’t they.

    I would have liked to him tried for more crimes too, but I think the Iraqis may have shown great wisdom in not waiting any longer. There’s going to be plenty of violence done in his name and memory, but nothing compared to what was coming down the pike while he was still alive and hope that he’d “come back” could be sustained.

    By the way, if he were to receive an alternate sentence to the Rope Dance, my suggestion was as follows: Have him spend the rest of his life digging up people he had murdered and buried in mass graves, and giving them honorable burial one at a time, all with his own hands. Including washing and dressing each body, no matter what state it was in.


    It’s a beautiful dream, but the way they did it is for the best.

    According to Ambrose Bierce’s “Devil’s Dictionary”: “Hemp–N. A plant from whose fibrous bark an article of neckwear is made which is put on after public speaking…and prevents the wearer from catching cold.”

    Saddam will never catch another cold.



  15. I’m glad the Iraqi gov’t. was able to pull this one off. There’s hope yet.

    It bothers me that the media calls the people “vengeful” as if the whole process were about revenge. The process is about civilization getting rid of its trash appropriately.

    Had lawlessness reigned, either he would’ve been back in power or killed in the street.

    An honest trial for a former dictator is the hallmark of a civilized society. Finding said dictator guilty of verifiable murders is to be expected.

    Appropriately executing him is priceless.

    I still wish that they had used Hammurabi’s execution technique, though. (Think pig on a stick.) Of course, these are different times.

    I pray that the people of Iraq find their courage & build a peaceful, lawful, society, SVMMA CVM CELERITATE so that our troops can come home!

  16. Just checked out the drivel on that fake LawDog Blog spot. Can you sue for that? I’m not into sueing on a whole but to sign your name to that racist junk is outrageous. deS

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