Just … wow.

That was one of the more intense 117 minutes I’ve ever sat through.

Epic storytelling, told well. Honour. Loyalty. Sacrifice. Courage. What’s not to like?

A solid cast of mostly little-known — or unknown — actors who took the script and ran with it. In a just world this movie would make careers, and earn accolades by the bucket-load.

Alas, this film was made from a comic book — excuse me, graphic novel — and this is Hollywood, where only lip-service is paid to the core tenets of this film, so “300” will be ignored everywhere — except the box office.

Speaking of lip-service, if you’re one of those simple-minded idiots who firmly believe that this film was made about President Bush and the Iraq War — do some research before you open your worthless pie-holes, if you don’t mind.

The movie “300” is a frame-by-frame and line-by-line adaptation of the comic book — which was first published as a five-issue series by Dark Horse Comics in May of 1998, with the complete graphic novel following in 1999.

Now, anyone who’s not a moonbat Leftist, or is in possession of a functioning brain — but I repeat myself — should be able to subtract 05/1998 from the date of the start of the Iraq War, or the date of the election of President Bush, and come to certain realizations.

But, we are talking about Leftist moonbats here, so I’ll spell it out for them: “300” was written two years before the election of George Bush; three years before the events of 9/11 and the start of the War on Terror; and five years before the March 2003 start of the Iraq War.

You schmucks.

For everyone else who wouldn’t mind seeing a movie about freedom, liberty and the violent cost of both — go forth and see this movie. Many times.


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F. Paul Wilson

21 thoughts on “300”

  1. You Sirrah, are on the poop list. NOt even a phone call to see if I’d like to go? Harrumph!

  2. Hmm. -grins-

    Told you so.

    Makes me almost have hope for cinema again.

  3. Well, maybe people just expect it to be influenced by current events… just like V for Vendetta, whose own creator hated the adaptation.

  4. Saw it Sunday and it entered my favorite movies list at the very top – exquisite bit of film making. Perhaps the graphic novel is the best place from which a film might spring, as there is no extraneous dialogue or unwanted filler – it’s all meat. Good stuff.

    Oh, and thanks again for telling me how to embed the YouTube videos on my blog. I felt like a goober when I realized how simple it was. I suppose I’m a training-wheels kind of chick.

  5. Just a note, the 300 took in about $70 million at the box office over the weekend.

    Those are summer sized opening numbers right there.

  6. Nice film of the legend of the Battle. Well worth the price of admission. Not. A. Chick. Flick.

    (The Historian in me would still like to have seen passing mention of the several _thousand_ OTHER Greek Hoplites who showed up for the party the first couple of days, and specifically the 1000 or so Thespian infantry who stood with Leonidas at the last stand of the final day. Also, making the Ephors into Monsters wasn’t necessary.)

  7. Saw it Friday on an IMAX screen. Double Wow!!

    As a multi-media artist friend of mind said “I’ve never seen killing done so beautifully”.


  8. Loved the movie. Awe-inspiring.

    I didn’t like a few things from a tactical point of view, but those would have greatly restricted Hollywood’s story-telling. So I won’t complain.

    This is one I’ll buy the day it comes out on DVD.

  9. “But, we are talking about Leftist moonbats here, so I’ll spell it out for them: “300” was written two years before the election of George Bush; three years before the events of 9/11 and the start of the War on Terror; and five years before the March 2003 start of the Iraq War.”

    But ‘Dog, don’t you see that this just PROVES how insideous the Bush presidency is. He was plotting his moves years before he was even elected. [conspiracy]It’s as if he knew the election was in the bag.[/conspiracy] Years before he was “elected”, he was already corrupting the hearts and minds of our children. OH the HUMANITY!

  10. Had the Greeks lost, their concept of democracy would have disappeared.

    Where or when else, then, might it have appeared?


  11. Bush? I thought it was a social comment on Anna Nicole Smith? 😉

    Loved the movie, will get it on DVD for the extras as well as the main event. Funny how the macho lines worked for the Spartans a lot better than they ever did for Ahnold Schwarzenegger!

  12. Glad to hear you liked it LawDog, I read the graphic novel and loved it and have been looking forward to seeing the movie. It’s been getting such mixed reviews hubby’s not been to sure of it, but I prefer to ignore the critics since more often ot not they are wrong.

  13. Might I suggest ‘Gates of Fire’, by Steven Pressfield. His telling of the Battle of Thermopylae made me quite nervous that the film would not live up to the book, but from what I am hearing, there is little risk of that.

  14. You know what the problem with this movie is? Taking the wife to see it, then getting not-so-subtle hints at home about doing a bunch of sit-ups for mama because mama *likes* six-pack abs. Sheesh.

  15. I was going to say something pretty much like what Jason said but in clude the secret time machine designed by Carl Rove and constructed by Halibertan…

    but he beat me to it.


    One of the most beautiful depictions of death I have ever seen on film, right up there with a John Woo flick.


  17. I would like to respond to anonymous stating that 300 was not a chick flick:

    How could 300 men in top physical condition running around in beautifully executed battle maneuvers not be enticing to women? To me this movie is what Troy was supposed to be in terms of cheesecake. The oracle was there for the men to enjoy, and well us ladies had Gerard Butler.

    I have seen the movie twice in the theater and can’t wait for the DVD release. I didn’t even see Serenity twice in the theaters…

  18. Not a chick flick? I beg to disagree. I’ve seen it four times, and would willingly see it again. I’ve already made my pre-order in to Amazon.

  19. I’d have to agree with Silvereve and Elizabeth. 300 is not a chick flick in that it’s not a romantic comedy (thank God) but as it has 300 shirtless ripped guys running around, killing things, how can it not be a chick flick?

    I’ve yet to see anything sexier than Stelios and Astinos mowing their way through the Persian troups.

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