Blogs of note

In lieu of doing anything creative, I’m going to do a bit of linky-love to blogs y’all might find of interest.

First off, by way of Ambulance Driver, we have:

How can anyone pass up reading something with a title like that?

Next up, we have:

If you are interested in the Filipino Martial Arts — and I am — or knives — and I am — then this is a wonderful read. As soon as I can waylay an Internet wizard, he’s going on the blogroll.

The author of this next blog and I have known each other — electronically speaking — for ages on TFL and THR:

I have always had a sneaking fondness for the US Coast Guard. You just have to admire people who head out into seas the US Navy won’t go near. This next blog is written by an ex-Coastie with the right outlook on life:

And last for tonights list — but certainly not least, someone who’s Got The T-Shirt, and writes well:

If I have missed listing you, please do not take offence, I read and treasure many blogs, some of whom I can’t recall when it comes time to list them.

Cordially yours,


We surrender!
Boot. Butt. Some assembly required.

7 thoughts on “Blogs of note”

  1. Thanks Law Dog: you just made my day! Hopefully, I’ll someday be as eloquent as you are…

  2. Some kewl blogs there 🙂 I always like following recommended linkis, I find the neatest blogs that way.

  3. Wow. I’ve just been reading that first one and I have to say she really has a way with words. Funny stuff. Added to the “Daily Stuff” links section of my browser. I’ll be sure to check out the others as time allows.

  4. I can always count LD to give me something new to make me say, “That is so cool” or make me laugh. Lots of both in those links. Keep em coming.

  5. Thanks for the plug LD, I am truely proud to noticed by a rock star such as yourself.

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