7 thoughts on “Operation Sauce Drop”

  1. Hmm. They should be more explicit about what sort of “sauce” they’re sending. When I was out there I would have preferred the sort that goes down with a lime wedge and a pinch of salt.

    On the other hand, anything that’ll mitigate the cardboard flavor and aftertaste of MREs are welcome too. Short of snorting those single-serving Tabasco bottles.

  2. Having lived in Carolina now for over twenty some odd yrs (unlike most folk around here who have only been here a year or so, to which I humbly say, Sorry Dahlin’, we don’t do it that way round here) you ain’t gonna die from the heat.

    As the noble war goes, I suggest http://armyofdude.blogspot.com/

  3. I called and chatted and she has pre-packaged various flavors from her top vendors.

    Give her a call if you have concerns, she’s very personable.

    I bought $100 bucks for the boys.

  4. There are some damned good sauces listed here. I have used many of them in the past as a native of the “Old North State” but I don’t see my favorite which is Pee Dee River Swamp Sauce. I will still buy some for the boys(and girls).

  5. I’m familiar with quite a few of their items; their Melinda’s Hot Sauce is one of my favorites.

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