A question …

What is blog etiquette as to how long to leave brag badges up?

I have two on the left — one for being nominated in the Bloggers Choice Awards of 2007, and one ROFL Award for December of 2006.

I’m guessing that since the voting is done for the Bloggers Choice Awards, and I didn’t make it anywhere near the top, that badge probably ought to come down.

I’m a little more fuzzy on the ROFL badge, though. Would I be insulting the person who awarded me the badge if I leave it up after so long? Will I insult them if I take it down?



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  1. If the brag badge is dated, I think that the rule should be that you leave it up for as long as it makes you feel good. I suppose some insecure people would cease to feel good about an award they got a year ago, if they hadn’t gotten one since. But a Brag Badge dated, say, 2001 still means that you wrote something really fine in 2001, and you should be proud of that, yes?

  2. Leave ’em up. You won ’em, you get to keep ’em.

    Think of it this way. They’re not like the Stanley Cup, which has to be given back to the NHL when another team wins the championship, but they’re more like Super Bowl rings that you get to wear for the rest of your life.

  3. I’m with everyone else Dog. You won the awards keep ’em up as long as you want. It’s your story telling that keeps me coming back

  4. If I were evil – IF I were evil – I would say you can keep them up as long as you want…

    AFTER you finish the Pink Gorilla story!!!!

  5. You have two options as I see it.

    Consider these awards to be achievement awards, where by anyone and everyone is eligible to keep the award posted.


    Value this award as for what it is, someone’s grateful display of gratitude. However, once that award has been handed out, again, by the same people to another, yours has just lost value.

    I believe it is up to you to determine which you wish to believe.


  6. Admittedly, I’m no expert on blog etiquette, but I think you deserved them then as now, so I say keep em.
    You are an amazing storyteller and they’re well earned. (sorry, I’m fawning I know.. no java yet!).

  7. Leaving it up for a month is usually sufficient in my opinion.

    I’m sure the person who nominated you will understand.

  8. I did a bit of online search regarding Blog Etiquette and I could not find anything related to badges. I’ll go with the rest, keep ’em if you like ’em!

  9. I would say leave them up. I see those awards kind of like different awards given away by various industries, film, whatever. If you were nominated for best actor in 2001, the award is still valid even if you were not nominated in any years since. Your accomplishment in 2001 is not diminished by the fact that others were better in years since…

    Leave’em up!

  10. Hell man. I still have trophies on my bookshelves from the 8th grade…and you know how long ago that was. I say keep em there as long as they mean something to you.


  11. I’ve received a few and taken them down, but only because I hate clutter. I was already looking at my sidebar today seeing what I could do away with.

    FWIW, I think you should go with your gut instincts.

  12. Those two look ronery sitting there.

    Make up some spurious ones to post along with them.

    Hell, I still have my Time person of the year 2006 award still up.

  13. I’d say leave em up till ya feel like takin em down meself.

  14. You could throw that award over the White House fence, ala jf kerry.
    Keep it up there dawg. You don’t burn your Merit Badges just because your not thirteen anymore.

  15. Leave them up. You don’t take military ribbons off after a certain time period, do you? Once awarded, forever cherished.

  16. Keep them up as long or as little as you want (although one month, for a monthly award/badge, is a good minimum).

    Now, it’s mostly pathetic when a blog or site hasn’t been updated substantially since the badge was won. *eyeroll* That’s clearly not a problem here, so keep ’em as long as you like.

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