5 thoughts on “Oh, that’s nice, that is.”

  1. Going to snag this and post it on the blog, giving you the nod for showing it to me LD.

    And thanks *grin*

  2. I’ve been using this one for years. It’s highly intuitive, and immediately understood, even from distances and in noisy environments.

    Heinlein (via Podkayne) was right. It’s a worthy thing to know how to say “Hello,” “Please,” and “Thank You” in every language you come in contact with.

  3. Me thinks more county jails around the country should adopt Maricopa County, AZ’s system….

  4. sorry LD, thought I was commenting in the first post on Blaswell…*sheepish look*

    Thank you for sharing this video. I’m passing it on to others….

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