Phlegmfatale Blogmeet

Yesterday, the lovely Phlegmfatale hosted a Blogmeet at Chez Phlegm.

It never ceases to amaze me what a diverse, intelligent, and truly fun group of people gunbloggers are.

I have finally been introduced to several people whom I have read and admired for some time, but never really met — and I am the better for it.

AEPilotJim, Alan, Holly, FarmGirl, JPG, MattG, Ambulance Driver, Dockbot, OldNFO, Rabbit, Robert, Peter, JR and, later on, Lady Breda and her husband Mike joined us by webcam.

There were guns, puns and pig candy in glorious abundance; stories were told, jokes were cracked, and laughter was a constant companion.

Good food, good company and good times.


H.R. 735

13 thoughts on “Phlegmfatale Blogmeet”

  1. Yep, that WAS fun! Hopefully we can do it again, and get everybody to the range!

  2. I think Old NFO is onto something, there with the range idea. Glad you could make it, LawDog.

  3. I was really glad to finally get to meet you, LD, and I had a blast.

    Thanks for honoring we scribblers with your august presence!

  4. Yeah, I’m sorry I missed the shooty fun, but it was an honor to meet everyone.

    I vote for a regular blogger range day.redle

  5. it was lovely to finally meet you! Perhaps someday it’ll be in person.

  6. I agree, it was a wonderful time. It was good to see those I’d met before, and even better to meet those I hadn’t met in person yet.

    A range party does sound like an interesting plan, given the variety and quality of tools and toys put together by our collective. Besides, I haven’t put enough rounds through my K31 yet and could use some assistance with that.

  7. Speaking of bloggers, has anyone heard anything about Syd over at Front Sight? Nothing posted now for 4 weeks.

    Is he OK?

  8. Nice to meet you in person and have a face to put with the blog! Here’s hoping for a return one of these days.

  9. Good times.

    Thanks for taking a sec and talking to me. It was most helpful.

  10. Why, dear Lord, does Texas have to be so far from Massachusetts?

    Don’t answer that. It’s rhetorical.

    Sounds like a good time was had by all. I’m green with envy.

    Which reminds me. I need to make plans with certain other MA gun blogger for our own little shindig next month.

    We certainly can’t be outgunned by a bunch of Texicans, can we?


  11. It absolutely killed me to have to work that day. I was looking forward to making the jaunt up I-35 for the soiree.


    Well, knowing Miss Phlegmmy, this will be far from the last meet. Next time!


  12. Long time reader… first time commenter here, LawDog. I love reading your blog to no end, and I gotta say, I’ve really learned some interesting things from your scribblings.

    But that’s not why I’m commenting today, actually.

    I did the unthinkable, and let the Meme Monster tag you. You… probably won’t do it, but I’d like you to check it out anyway if you get a free moment. It might make you giggle a little, or something. I dunno.

    Check it out here:

    I feel all awkward now. You’re intimidating for some reason. Don’t ask me why.

    Thanks man. *skitters away quickly*

  13. I would like to thank the eminent LawDog for introducing me to the guilty pleasure of Pig Candy.

    I find that a teaspoon of garam masala to a cup of brown sugar works just as well as ginger and paprika.

    I also am planning on looking at Egyptian and Moroccan spice mixes, so I can soon bequeath the world with “Halal Pig Candy”.

    Cheers, all!

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