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  1. An excellent little film. But isn’t Capitalism an -ism too? I get a little worried when I hear people condemn all “isms” together. It seems to me that they’re really telling people that _all_ political doctrines are suspicious, so someone else should do the thinking. People who think are also branded suspicious. We’ve seen a lot of that in the last 10 years.

    The film also makes an excellent point about anyone trying to pit one faction against another actually working to undermine America, yet here we are in the middle of what we could call a “cultural civil war”, and it seems there’s plenty of blame for that to go around to all sides. Maybe that’s the most relevant message in this brilliant little film for today.

  2. Try -acies-
    As in Democracy; which no one seems to have heard of lately.
    Or Theocracy; like, Oliver Cromwell’s England, or perhaps the
    Vatican, or Saudi Arabia.
    Or maybe Monarchy; it seems Obama and Michelle have heard of that one.

  3. Some of that little film is quite false. Particularly the part about “we built a system which sends more children to high school and college than the rest of the world combined”.

    Heck, just india has more honour students than the united states has children.

    Of course, it could just be that it’s very old.

  4. Good little film, probably from the late 30’s early 40s! And yes, it’s a little trite, but to the point. Mark makes and excellent point aslo.

  5. Marc – Maybe I missed it, but I thought the ISM was just a construct to illustrate the exchange of freedoms for a wrong ideology?

  6. “Don’t throw those bottles!”

    It’s just a little late to say that at this point, Buddy.

    It was irriating when BO finagled his way into the Oval Office on nothing more than Hopey-Changey….

    …. then he he started subsidizing failure in the financial, real estate, and auto industries…… with my (unborn) Grandkids’ money. THAT got me pissed…..

    ….. NOW, this latest atrocity: he is taking MY tax money and giving it to “research scientists” so they can play Dr. Frankenstein with HUMAN embryos. That may not bother any of you….. but the Pro-Life crowd is as pissed as a bunch of PETA people that just found out that their donation to the HSUS was used to pay somebody to take a sledgehammer to puppies as a full time job…… just something to think about.

  7. Yes, yes, Anonymous — It’s all Obama’s fault, Obama is the source of all evil, Obama is the anti-christ, blah, blah, blah, blah. Got it. Heard it before. Run along now and leave actual critical thinking to the adults, please.

    Personally, I think Marc ‘s post is spot on — There’s plenty of blame to go around. Could we please just focus on fixing the *problem*?

  8. Mitch: It is Obamas fault.

    Every time that fool opens his mouth, stock market dives.

    Bush was fiscally bad … but he had nothing on this new clown.

    As for how to fix the problem … we need a coup of the adults in 2010. If Obama keeps screwing up, he will lose his majority in congress by then … maybe even sooner, if he horrifies enough conservative Democrats in the house into joining us.

  9. Great video, I’ll be sharing it. Maybe I’m missing something, but isn’t that ‘God Save the Queen’ playing in the beginning? It seems a bit incongruous, given the subject.

  10. I have been thankful for our free speech zones for the last few years,and am very glad that we still have capitalism for the poor.But I do miss that 4th Amendment thingie.as far as Obama,Geithner is an incompetent disgrace.Of course he was Paulson’s protege’ so it should be no surprise that he is continuing the last administrations policies.Bush increased the National debt more than ALL the previous Presidents COMBINED…but Mr. “O” may beat him out.Google “scariest Chat ever” to see something special.Intersting times are ahead,hyperinflation or sovereign default?

  11. LawDog, thanks for the excellent little film that had some very interesting points in it.

    The coolest part for me was that I watched it with my 12 day old son in my arms and wondered what he would make of it in 20 or 30 years time…

  12. “McCarthyism: Character assassination for political purposes by asserting that someone is a member of a Communist conspiracy, especially when done by an admirer of Senator Joseph McCarthy. Not to be confused with character assassination for political purposes by asserting that someone is a member of a Fascist conspiracy, especially when done by an admirer of Senator Eugene McCarthy.” — Withit’s Collegiate Dictionary, from “There Will Be Time”, by Poul Anderson. (Great book, by the way; the “dictionary” is a brief section, written by a time traveler from the past who was shocked by the ’60s.)

    I think RL was making a joke… Of course, the U.S. patriotic song “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” has the same tune as “God Save The Queen.”

  13. re: anonymous: I’m thinking research money isn’t going towards creepy atrocities. We fund scientific research so that we can advance society. Also, I’m not sure if you’re aware, but not all scientific research is biological in nature. We pay for research because we benefit from it, in the same way that we pay for the military (remember that war?) because we benefit from it. Some of that research funding goes towards creating protection for our warfighters and more advanced weapons and defense systems.

    And yes, we can’t start pitting one group against another. This whole situation is the fault of LOTS of people. but as Mitch said, playing the blame game isn’t the right plan of attack. Going forward, we need to determine what went wrong, but determine how to prevent that from happening again.

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