I was stunned today to discover that my good friend Peter, from Bayou Renaissance Man, went and had hisself a bit of a cardiac rodeo.

The good news is that — apparently — the incipient infarction was caught fast enough that no heart muscle died.

The bad news is that he’s about to become Good Friends with Mr. Triple Bypass — first thing tomorrow morning, apparently.

Folks, if you could take a brief moment out of your day to send good thought to a good man, I’d surely appreciate it.


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12 thoughts on “Oy!”

  1. HOLY CRAP! Consider thoughts and prayers sent in by the truckload. Thanks for the head's up!


  2. I found out about this myself this morning, via his blog, and was quick to post a comment sending my hopes his way.

    I hope he will recover quickly. It was his blog, afterall, that led me to all these others that I've been enjoying over the last year.

  3. prayers sent,

    from the Smith Family for Brother Peter and his family.

  4. Prayers and sympathies from the Thoran Family. Get well and the Lord be with you.

  5. BTDT and I can feel for him. The big problem is with the recovery when it hurts to cough, sneeze or laugh. Do him a favor and don't forward any jokes to him.

  6. Thoughts and prayers sent. I was completly surprised by this, particularly as he was just moving and hadn't even settled in yet.
    By the way — He had quadruple bypass
    Paul in Texas

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