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  1. Slightly off-topic, but any chance of ebook versions of LawDog Files or African Adventures becoming available again?

  2. Point of order. President Bush I, not Clinton, invaded Somalia. He did it in December of 1992. I personally thought it was a dick move to invade a country while a lame duck. Tried to remember that when Clinton just stole all the W's and the odd bit of furniture.

    Your point still stands though.

  3. Holy donuts what a load. The French in Indochina were so divided that the communists stood up and cheered when Dien Bien Phu fell-it took the Demorats to top that. The French were so weakened by WW2 that they were reduced to using captured Japanese and German equipment. The American military had to defeat our Congress, it couldn't, but it crushed the NVA-if you doubt it try and find someone of the age group that fought in Vietnam between 1964-74 in North Vietnam today. Its also why there even today are more girls than boys-but hey they kicked our ass-theNVA couldn't defeat any unit larger than a platoon hardly an argument that the NVA beat us. To argue that the US lost in Somilia is like arguing the Iraqis beat us because Obama pulled the troops out of Iraq.

    Insurgents seldom win wars, history proves that. What normally happens is insurgents grow to the point they become regulars and beat their enemies in a straight up fight- SEE THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION.

    If the Left starts a civil war in the USA, it will not be like the War of the Northern Aggression. It will be like the Russian, Mexican, or Spanish Civil Wars-a war to the hilt. The lossers had better flee for they will be hunted down.

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