Voting by mail

I have concerns about the whole “vote-by-mail” idea for this November.

It’s not so much the idea that “vote-by-mail” is more susceptible to fraud — although it is. Not as fraught with fraud as the doom-sayers are complaining, but it’s damned sure not “negligible”, either.

No, my primary concern is with human nature, and the current state of our Nation.

We are a divided house. This upcoming election, and the results there-of, has a pretty good potential to be rather festive — and needs to be as clear-cut and unambiguous as possible.

I realize that in the current socio-political climate “clear-cut and unambiguous” is difficult, but as many variables that can be controlled, need to be controlled regarding this election.

Mail-in ballots have a nasty habit of being sent, or arriving, past the deadline for being counted — just ask the military in any election since Carter.

I am concerned that a significant number of ballots this November will be past the deadline. And that will be bad.

When that happens — and it will happen — somebody is immediately going to sue to allow those ballots to be counted. And someone else will — correctly — counter-sue for them not to be counted.

And the Supreme Court will wind up having to make a decision on who gets to be POTUS.

Do you see what’s making me concerned?

If the side that argues from a moral standpoint that all votes — even late ones — should be counted, is the losing side … this election is tainted.

If the side that argues from a legal standpoint that deadlines are there for a reason is the losing side … this election is tainted.

This is not the time in our Nation’s history for a tainted election. Way too many people have their identities wrapped up politics. Way too many people are treating politics like a religion. When one side regards the other side as heretics … well, religion excuses — if not glorifies — a lot of bad acts.

I’m not happy about mail-in voting this year, and I don’t think anyone else should be, either.


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15 thoughts on “Voting by mail”

  1. I concur.
    Unfortunately, the idiot zombies who vote in major cities here have elected Fascists & Communists to office. If Beirut was bad today, I shudder to think of how California (& other states) will react come November.
    I am readying for the zombie apocalypse.
    Ulises from California

  2. And this doesn't even take into account the 'misplaced' mail in votes…

  3. Since I can't even count on the post office to get a bill payment to it's destination in a timely manner, I would never mail in my vote.
    I personally think that Texas' decision to extend early voting to even earlier is the best way to go. I will go to an early voting location in my county mid-afternoon and mid-week. I would not be surprised if I can walk in vote and walk right out with no waiting in line.

  4. I don't understand why we can't have 'early voting' for a week. When people had to travel by foot/horse/wagon hours to get to town to vote a single voting day made sense. It doesn't now. Keep the polls open for a week. That will fix the vast majority of the crowd/disease issues being used as leverage for a patently unreliable method of communication (mail).

  5. Hey Lawdog;

    "Walkin" voting is the best way to verify identity, there has been too many "Shenanigans" in democratically controlled areas with boxes of ballots "magically" appearing at the last minute A la "Al Franken" to swing a close election to a democrat.

    1. Anybody remember LBJ's election? Lots of ballots were suddenly found down in the valley, stuffed with as many democrat ballots as LBJ needed to win… it was pretty blatant.

  6. To keep Trump from stealing the election, we need to demand voter I.D.! 😎
    Not to mention, the Postal Union endorsed Sleepy…..🙄

  7. My mail is opened regularly for the local snoops to report their findings to only G-d knows who . I ordered a nice holster for my P90 from Israel last month . Tracking was disabled from the post office website and it was held by them for three friggin' weeks for some nefarious purpose . When it did finally find its way to my homestead in the hills of Ohio it had very clearly been opened and inspected . When it arrived there were three letters addressed to someone with a different name and address than mine in the box with it . My confidence in the USPS is about the same as I have for gas station pizza .

  8. Why bother? The popular vote means nothing with the Electoral College.

  9. If they go with mail in votes this year, I foresee Bush V. Gore II. But with significantly more civil unrest as whichever side loses with make sure their outrage (justified or not) is heard far beyond the internet. Which will draw the winners into it as well.

  10. I do believe the Democrats have already staged ballot boxes in strategic locations, ready to "suddenly" discover them after the polls close.

    That, plus the manner in which they've made sure their EC votes will go their way (or else), pretty well guarantees a contested election.

  11. I think the worse problem will be if the side making their argument for either counting or not counting late ballots WINS, because there will be a larger opportunity for the losing side to claim shenanigans.

  12. "I do believe the Democrats have already staged ballot boxes in strategic locations, ready to "suddenly" discover them after the polls close."

    Word out of Detroit is that sales of the Buick Ballotmaster SE(IU) have been strong this year….

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