9 thoughts on “That’s a name I’ve not heard …”

  1. I still use the Ambulance Driver quote about immune systems: that mine kills squirrels in the yard.

  2. Posted an answer to RG's comment in the 19 March posting. I rarely drop in unless I'm bored to tears, so only just now read it. I do hope he gets my answer. And, speaking Maltese, I think RG is a chooch patika.

  3. Dear "LawMom":

    Given what I know about you, your leash not only snapped some time ago, it wrapped around your neck and is depriving your brain of some much needed oxygen.

    Safe to say that I don't give two shits about your pedigree or how revered your ancestors are, or hell, who you support in the Russian/Ukrainian conflict. If history-based shaming doesn't work for BLM activists, it sure as fuck ain't gonna work for you.

    Thank you for taking the time to respond to me two months later, though. Glad your fat ass did something for itself, even if it took you this long to dredge up a response legible enough to read. Bobblehead Jesus thinks your condition is finally improving!

    No, wait, not really.

    Thanks for playing, сука!

  4. Well, well, well, Here we are with ano0ther inadequate soul who simply sits and waits every day for someone with whom he can disagree or insult so he can feel important.
    That's so pitiful it isn't even disgusting.
    As I said before, chooch patika.

  5. FYI: It's the Dog who has Ukranian ancestry, by the way, not self. So it's him with whom you're being a wokey troll. Have fun.

  6. Oh, hey, look, it's the dumbass broad capitalizing on LD's identity for her own convenience to take potshots at him here. Whoop-de-doo. So not only did your leash snap, you're trying your damnedest to imitate Baba Yaga and failing spectacularly. At least she had a kickass house that *moved.* All you move is your fat ass from thread to thread, trying to find your cute little gotcha moments. Keep looking, Мандавошка, I'm sure you'll find 'em. Someday.


  7. Hey, is it alright if I can turn one of your older stories into an animated short film? Please let me know, thank you.

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