From Sgt. H:

In light of your recent post about “former Special Forces” poseurs, have you been looking in on the story of Jesse Macbeth and his claims? Your bit on the SF180 was a wee bit prophetic.


One of the CAPERS investigators from the local PD pulled that one up in our briefing room. I got to see a still shot from the supposed ‘interview’ and read some of his claims. We were taking bets on how fast the MilBlog community would turn this kid inside out.

I believe the phrase “school of piranha on a carcass” was used.

We also were betting on how extensive his criminal history was — not IF he had a CCH, but how long it was — and if there were any outstanding warrants at this time.

The facts that his outstanding warrants involve Domestic Violence don’t surprise me in the least — I believe I mentioned that in an earlier post on the subject.

Off-topic, but from a quick overview of the blog, I see that SGT H. is a scambaiter. Bless your heart, SGT, and keep up the good work. I’ve been prepping to comment on Nigerian 419 scams and scambaiting, before the mobile license plate reader thing came up.

Hopefully, I’ll get my 419 post up before the weekend.

From militaryson2000:

I was shooting on 30 acres that I owne and thats not annexed yet and happens to be right next to a shopping centre (no lawdog I was not sniping the people commin out of The Good Book Store with coppies of Da Vince Code) I was fireing into a 25ft thick dam with .308 .223 .45 and .40 nothing thats going to go through 25 ft of earth. I was supprised to see 5 police cars show up on my property. they were responding to a shots fired call from a concerned citizen. I explained that it was county and that it was ok. I was told that they were told by dispatch the same thing that it was county and it was ok for shooting….so why tf were they there why did they come After being told by dispatch that it was ok? I was done shooting and packed up but is there anything that you would want someone to do that would put you more at ease in a similar situation aka lots of loaded guns and a shots fired call? I can try callin dispatch and tellin them whats goin on but I would like to hear what your thoughts are. other than follow the officers instructions I know to me it sounds kinda obvious but someone might overlook it.

Hullo, and thanks for reading the blog.

A couple of things should probably be mentioned here:
1) Theoretically, anytime a citizen calls in a report, an officer should respond. I understand that this doesn’t always happen, but it really should. Since this was out in the county, it probably means that the responding officers belonged tot he County Sheriff. Since the County Sheriff is an elected position, if John Q. Citizen calls in a report, and nobody takes his report seriously (by not showing up), this means thta an irritated John Q. Citizen can show up at the Sheriff’s office, point out that a) he’s a voter; and b) he voted for the Sheriff last election, but didn’t think he was gonna get ignored like this…

The High Sheriff is going to want to know why the Cares of this Concerned Citizen Weren’t Taken Seriously By Those Under His Command.

See how this goes? The Sheriff knows that his deputies have calls backing up, and that the call was probably nothing, but the Sheriff doesn’t win elections by dismissing the calls of his constituents.

2) Just because it is legal to shoot on that land, it doesn’t necessarily follow that the shooting being done is legal.

There have been occasions when violent felons have obtained firearms from recreational shooters, and I’m sure that Michael Platt and William Matix (among others) practised their gun skills once in a while.

Hate to have run up on those two plinking while I was driving a marked cruiser.

Anyhoo, I wouldn’t become all too concerned about the response.

T’were I you, I’d call the S.O. and see where the local citizenry does it’s shooting. Usually there’s an unofficial place where everyone goes to shoot, and I’d see about doing my plinking there.

I might caution you about shooting near a shopping centre anymore. In this Modern Age, too many parents use the local shopping centre as the default daycare option. Unattended kids hear gunfire, get curious (because guns ARE fascinating) and decide to sneak over and take a gander at real, live guns.

Which could be a recipe for an unpleasantness. Especially if the sneaky route takes them over, or around, the dam you mentioned.

Hope that helps.

Again, thanks for reading.


Sooper Sekret Skwirls
Disquietude, part 2 - references

5 thoughts on “Comments:”

  1. I encourage anyone with the gumption to look for it to watch Macbeth’s video.

    He has a horrific stutter. It’s like watching Tim Meadows channeling Porky Pig in his Ladies’ Man voice. “Badeep badeep baddeep b-b-b–b by my hand 200 p-p-p-p-peeples wuz teh-t-t-t-t-t-taken out”. What a farce; for all I know it could have been dragged up from the cutting room floor of The Daily Show.

  2. “Usually there’s an unofficial place where everyone goes to shoot,”

    “Back in the day”, when I was a young’un, there was a rancher that had a caliche pit. Other than being half full of trash and such, it was an excellent place to shoot on the flatlands of West Texas.

    So…being kids, but responsible ones, we decided that was a good place to practice for our “spotlight hunting”, that is going out at night on private property (with permission) shooting Jacks.

    So, we were shooting there one day, the owner came up and asked something like ” What in the %@%@ are you doing on my property.” We replied, that we meant to ask him if it was ok, but there was no sign or anything to let us know who owned the property.

    He replied, something like, “Well, thats a good excuse, but if one of you shoots the other, I might be held responsible, so vamoose!”

    We had never even thought about that, that is until years later when my buddy stole my best girlfriend.

    Papa Ray
    West Texas

  3. I have run across a guy who is working in Iraq as some kind of advisor to the military, and I am guessing through his exhibited competence has been able to aquire a weapon for self defence on the QT. He related stories of the military unit he was with taking fire and telling the relatively young troops which direction they needed to direct their fire (in the direction of small arms fire advacing, not at the direction of incoming mortars or similar). He also supposedly aquired a frag, not for the enemy but as a last resort for himself to avoid falling into ememy hands and ending up on a video.

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