Hugo, Hugo, Hugo.

By now I doubt if there’s a single person out there in BlogWorld who hasn’t heard of the speech given by the Dictator President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez.

By-the-by, is it just me, or does anyone else get a mental image of Chavez playing Mini-me to Castro’s Dr. Evil?

Sorry about that. Where were we?

The striking thing about the “Ah smell de Debbil!” speech given by Chavez isn’t that he gave it (anyone who didn’t expect something along those lines from that idiot has been living under a rock) — or the fact that he called President Bush “The Devil” (Americans call President Bush worse than that every day, just visit Democratic Underground) — what is striking about that speech is the pure and blatant hypocrisy.

Let us turn our eyes towards the Venezuelan Criminal Code, in particular the amendments to that document rammed through the Venezuelan Government by Hugo Chavez and his supporters in March of 2005.

It is currently, under the Venezuelan Criminal Code, a criminal offence to “insult or show disrespect for the president” — to the tune of 40 months in the clink if nicked in the act.

Now, personally, I’m of the mind that calling my President “the devil” and stating that the stench of sulphur is still in the air a day after he gave a speech is disrespectful and more than a bit insulting.

So. If some Venezuelan kid got up behind the podium right after Hizzeckslency got done spraying froth, and said kid announced to the crowd that he could still smell the stench of brimstone left in the air by Hugo the Chavez; then went on to publicly brand Hugo as “The Devil” —

— Does anyone want to take any bets on how hard that kid would hit the back wall of his new cell?

Maybe a couple of hours worth of Social Inquiry session involving a field-phone?

I don’t mind Hugo Chavez shooting off his cake-hole in front of that worthless cabal of catamites currently infesting the U.N. building.

Freedom of speech, and all that.

However, if Hugo is going to run his mush about my President, then he needs to quit punting his peons into the pokey for running their mouths about him.

Sauce for the goose being sauce for the gander, and all that.


What are you?
Isn't this a sign of the Apocalypse?

8 thoughts on “Hugo, Hugo, Hugo.”

  1. I’ve seen a few comments by prominent liberals critizing Chavez for his speech.

    I think Pelosi said something like
    “how dare he come onto American soil and insult our president”

    Heck, she does it everyday.

    Chavez is the perpetual brown stain on the underwear that is the despotic third world.

  2. Shoot, I’ve said plenty of bad things about GW Bush, nobody tried to stop me as long as I stood in the chain link “freedom of expression zone” a couple dozen blocks away from him. America is WAY better than Venezuella!

  3. Why cant we have a fanatic babtist whack this guy like the tv evangelist said.

    Sometimes I think there are advantages to being a grand_______.
    Then again when the people change thier minds and you become the devil I think thats when it loses its luster.

  4. At the risk of sounding like one of the dreaded Shi-ite Baptists…I humbly shout AMEN!
    Another phrase that popped into my head is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”…

    But I bet Hugo’s Mom never taught him that one.

  5. The man can say what he wants when he wants. I think, however, he might be a threat. A full cavity search of him and his entourage on national television should be sufficient.

  6. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”…

    May the Lord forgive me for changing a few words in this wonderful passage of scripture.

    “Do unto others BEFORE they do unto you.”

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