Rain! Glorious rain!

It’s currently raining like a cow whizzing on a flat rock — and I can’t say that we haven’t needed it.

I’ve got the windows open so that I can smell the rain and hear it hitting the ground; and I’ve just finished Randall Garrett’s short story “Frost and Thunder”.

I should start some turkey soup for a late lunch/early dinner, but I’ve still a little Darjeeling left in my mug, and I’ve got that old contented feeling going on, so my boots are propped up on the desk as I watch the rain drift through the pecan tree while the old mind wanders.

Today is the last day of my vacation. It’s been a good vacation — other than the occasional medical panic — did some visiting, some reading and a bit of hiking.

Like every other vacation, I’m not wanting to go back to work.


I was talking to a friend the other day, and she introduced me to the writings of Marc MacYoung. His language does tend to the salty side, but he seems to know of which he speaks.

I was impressed enough by his web-site, that I popped over to Amazon.com and ordered one of his books, Street E&E.

I’ll post a review of it after it gets here.

Well, I guess I can’t put it off any longer. I’m off to the kitchen.


No muss, no fuss turkey soup

2 thoughts on “Rain! Glorious rain!”

  1. Ah… Frost & Thunder. Excellent choice of reading material. I first read that story in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Adventure Magazine’s premier issue; it was one of those stories that stayed with me for years.

    Some 20-odd years later I was telling a friend about the story and came to find out that not only did he still have a copy of that issue (the magazine only published 4 issues!), he was the artist who did the cover work!

  2. ‘Dawg ~

    I took a knife class from MacYoung awhile back. He’s an excellent instructor, and definitely knew what he was doing with the class. Learned a lot from him, even though his ego walked into the room before he did.

    Have been a fan of his website for years. Used to be on his email list, too, but gave it up because even though the quality of discussion was outstanding, the sheer volume of it was overwhelming.

    Looking forward to the book review.

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