15 thoughts on “This is why he’s a writer and I’m just a scribbler:”

  1. I read it earlier to day; very to the point and superb…

    You are not that far off… you write pretty damn well, youself.

  2. Card has, if I remember correctly, taken the skin off W and friends more than once in the past. Now it seems that he and Zell Miller – and probably Victor David Hansen – might want to sit back and lift a brew or two and compare notes. It would be interesting to have the three of them posting together.
    And ‘Dog, you write just fine.

  3. No… there are two. Illegal Immigration. He’s right, the war on terror has become INCREDIBLY important.

    But what good is winning over there while our country gets stolen from us over here?

  4. [[ Hell, I wish I could write like that. ]]

    I wouldn’t feel too bad about it, ‘Dawg. Remember, OSC’s been a professional wordsmith for a quarter-century. It’s how he earns his daily bread.

  5. Nope, ‘Dog, you’re a writer. Get used to it.

    And yeah, Orson’s good, too.

  6. Card’s got a lotta thinkin’ power, and flaunts it a bit. Isn’t it a pleasure at times to read?

  7. I’m going against the party and voting democratic just to restore balance to The Force…er…ah…I mean The Congress.

    A government that is not in lockstep is one that argues and comprimises and gets things done RIGHT! Instead of just getting things done any way they want.

    Give the democrats the senate or the house, then we can vote in another Republican for CIC.

  8. Anon at 12:04,

    Remember, ‘bringing balance to the Force’ is not necessarily a good thing, especially if it’s currently tilted toward the good side.

  9. Actually Steve, there is such a thing as “too much good”. Maybe if the Congress was not such a pool of presidential boot lickers, we would have a more effective Congress, and we would not have USMC Brass publicly coming out against the current Iraq and GWOT strategy. I firmly believe the cluster-fark in the middle east is because the Bush team stuck their fingers in their ears about how to play in the sandbox and Congress let them.

  10. Praktase, practaze,
    … oh HE;;!

    You’re a good scribbler, Lawdog. But, you can be great. Keep at it.

    OS Card is a good read. He has “meat” in his logic today, too. Gibbon would be proud. Cicero would take notes. Caesar would steal the entire thing & call it his “AGENDA ORIENTALIS”.

    I hope that ‘Nam doesn’t come back to bite us in the bum.

    Keep scribbling, Lawdog.

  11. Card might not be able to deal with Pearl and a few others of DogVille…

    Regardless of the wisdom of Bush and his advisors–and I’d like to just go on and stipulate that, for now–there are those in the upper strata of the federal government whose desire/need/lust for power is greater than the concept of “the good of the nation”.

    My opinion is that this lust is more egregious among the Democrats than among the Republicans. Control over the federal budget is the primary goal, in order to fund the social programs that are so much a part of the Democrats’ shtick.

    The problems known as “War on Terror” or “Border Troubles” are of much less importance than control of the budget.

    Card’s correct on many things, including his reference to Truman. I wuz there, then…


  12. Ever read Bill Whittle? ejectejecteject.com

    You’ll be glad you did.

  13. If you want change, then if party A is bad, and party B is worse, but party A is currently in power… voting for party B won’t send any message at all, other than make party A think that they need to be even MORE like party B, and make party B think that they are doing things right (ergo, they don’t need to compromise).

    Instead, if you want to protest, vote for a party C. Any one of them. If 3rd parties started getting a foothold in this country, then you would REALLY see the people in power just crap their pants. It is the only vote that could be called a ‘true’ protest vote.

    Because voting for party B only makes them think you want more socialism, communism, and white flags.

    Quite frankly, it gives the impression that you are the French.

  14. My worry is that come January some folks will start voting from the rooftops and that’s never good.

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