More duty.

Well, I have spent the afternoon giving rides to polling places for family, friends and clan.

May not count for much, but everyone I know now has a license to complain for the next two years.

This is apparently an unusual election. I’ve been to three different polling sites, and the poll workers I’ve spoken to at each place have told me that they’re seeing a higher turnout for this mid-term election than they saw at the last few General/Presidential elections.

I’m actually seeing lines of people waiting to vote — a sight I’ve never seen before in this little podunk county — and especially not an hour before the polls close.

Tomorrow is going to be interesting.


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11 thoughts on “More duty.”

  1. Watching FOX right now, to say ‘interesting’ is an understatement.

    FWIW, I voted early in TX (Williamson Co), for the first time. All past votes cast in NY.

    Thankfully, Hillary and Spitzer types for once, where not anywhere to be found on my ballot last Friday. For me personally, that was the upside.

    On the other hand, aka the downside, what this 2006 election will mean for our continue survival as a country and civilization in general?

    That of course, is unknown at this time?

  2. I heard we may come close to breaking the record for voter turn-out during a midterm election. Of course, I heard it on the CBS Evening News, so it may not be true.

    I didn’t see any more people than usual at our neighborhood polling place, but we voted in the afternoon. Most of the folks in our neighborhood fall into the categories of People Who Don’t Vote, and People Who Get to the Polls Before God Wakes Up.

  3. Right now it’s looking like tomorrow may be a little too interesting. I registered to vote just in time for the Y2000 Presidential election and I aways recall how close that was. Seems to me it’s been that way ever since then. I don’t recall any races I paid any attention to being that way before that. Right now, it looks like we’re fixing to have Demonrats controlling the House and Senate. That’s going to make the President’s job a lot harder to say the least. If that’s the case, I guess we can look forward to fighting terrorism on our own soil a lot more often and a lot sooner than it had appeared. Don’t know what else to say about it at the moment.

  4. You know… had the Dems won the Senate, I don’t think that I would have minded as much. The senate seemed to vote for liberal ideas enough anyway, and the House was the only body that was really holding the line… but now that line is broken.

    I hope you like “comprehensive” immigration, illegal alien rights, and blanket citizenship initiatives. You will now get just that.

  5. I was at the polling place 9 minutes after it opened yesterday, and stood in line for over 40 minutes before they got the new computer machines working. Blech.

  6. We had a much-larger-than-usual turnout here in TN. It worked, to a degree; we kept Harold Felon–I mean Ford–out. The rest of the country seems to have screwed the pooch.

  7. I voted in Sylvania, Ohio. The last presidential election I was in and out in about five minutes. Yesterday I waited in line for over 30 minutes, my Diebold machine didn’t work correctly, there were problems with several other Diebold machines while I was waiting in line, and there was a larger turnout than ever.

    Ohio has a brand new pro-gun Democrat for Governor, in place of an anti-gun Republican who was endorsed by the gun lobby. Having heard both men speak, our new Governor was far more pro-gun, pro-freedom than his Republican opponent.

  8. We had a bunch of local initiatives that riled up the electorate, so it’s hard to know for sure why our turnout was large. At the station where I voted the tally on the door was at 555 at 5:30PM, and thats easily double the turnout 4 years ago. It may have beaten the turnout from 2 years ago…

    Hmmm. I hope GWB learns how to use his veto pen…

  9. I hope everyone filled up their tanks last night- Unleaded here went up $.26 overnight. Google on fuel price, Goldman Sachs and current Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson.

  10. I took advantage of early polling and went voted last week. Still had to stand in line for about 15 minutes.

    The new computer voting machines weren’t as messed up as I’d feared they would be, though.


  11. Just about all I’ve heard about these computerized voting machines has been complaints about it being rigged. I heard about voter intimidation and ID’s last night too. I’ve never had a machine foul up on me. I’ve never been intimidated and if I had been, well, that’s not Constitutionally protected free speach. As for ID’s, what the big deal? The only ones against voter ID are the ones wanting illegal aliens voting for Demonrats and Commies.

    In my state, we’ve had the big hooplah over our flag… some are mad at Sonny Perdue because we didn’t get to vote for the 1956 pattern. They don’t realize we still got a Confederate pattern because the Atlanta Liberals who agreed to the vote as long as we didn’t vote for “THE Confederate flag”… to the ignorance is bliss. So they holler “Sonny Lied”, but they don’t see that he did what he could with the idiots he had to deal with. Sonny Perdue still got re-elected and that’s fine with me because he also signed a bill into law that prevents illegal aliens from being entitled to gov’t assistance programs and that ticked off the Mexican gov’t. I have nothing against Mexicans as long as they come here legally and besides that, I grew up eating Mexican food and still enjoy it.

    Now, if we can prevent a bunch of stuff we had prevented by having the Republicans in leadership… Like somebody said about Bush learning how to use his veto pen.

    mustanger98 on THR

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